Our senior team is butter soft


Hard to win when it’s 5 on 1.


Remember when Lloyd would go back from 55, from whatever angle, and just kick it. Man, those were the days.

How quick did Fletch look in that?

Lol rioli.


Go and get me nominated again, and I’ll do nothing but Bill Burr clips


Just coz your to chicken to change to…

Um what did you go out on again?

Edit: it was Ben folds I think. That kinda suits you anyway. But your soft just like Essendon.


I’d like to see stringer take up the forward line pest role, push people in the back, bump the smallest defender off the ball, give away the odd 50m penalty deep in defence just to keep them on there toes. Anything it takes to get them off there game. He’s strong as a bull, he could do this and still kick 2 -3 goals a game.
I used to wonder why sheedy used to pick Wallis, now it makes sense.


@SMJ refusing to change his avatar, is symbolic of everything that’s been wrong with this club for the last 15 years.


Appalling lack of commitment.

@SMJ is the zaharakis of the bomberblitz just skirting around watching as other people go in hard.


This thread has taken an unexpected turn




You butter believe it.


Until you apply the slightest amount of heat to it…


Our team can’t be like butter, when do we ever spread?


Gold Coast, new coaches look much better than they did last year, as Brisbane do from the year before. It has to be Coaching…

I also worry that the ‘saga players’ have been put in cotton wool and not given the honest feedback they deserve because it might upset them. Players that have left the club seem to be putting in good performances, perhaps because they arn’t afforded the same latitude.


Well Ben, you just lost me.

Spiritless, yellow cowards eh.


We are absolutely soft there is no doubt about that. Mentally and physically. There is no nasty about us there isn’t even the base line stick up for your teammates if they are under physical pressure. The way Goddard and ZMerrett has been treated has been pathetic. Hooker imposed himself on the contest on the weekend after half time but it’s too little too late. They really are a bunch of choir boys, led by the biggest choir boy in the game. They are not cowards but this is absolutely a team that no one fears.


Hookers not quick enough to land a hit these days


Yes, but quick enough to dance around FC players - which he did a couple of times yesterday. With you about the soft bit (outside of Devon Smith). If Stringer could channel his frustration purely into tackling and making it hurt he would be one as well. Has “prick” there, it just needs to be focused purely on tackling (and not trying to break them)


I think we just need to play the kids the rest of the year…blood youth. play guys like Clarke, Langford, long, Francis Redman, Ridley, Zerk-Thatcher etc

then pickup Jobe Watson to play as the old veteran amongst the kids next year…like 1993


When i use butter at home it breaks up and destroys my piece of bread… its hard you know…


We - the supporters - are soft.
I have never seen so many toys thrown out of the cot so early in the season.

So we recruited 3 solid players from other clubs and David King says we will the flag, so we just fall into that 100pc?
There’s a complete lack of reality factored into people’s expectations and hence most of us have unrealistic expectations.
The reality is we had a soft draw last year and were obliterated in our finals match. How do people think you magically go from being smashed in a final to making top four?

It’s not just expectations of ourselves that are out of whack.
People have got bad recollections of recent football history. They think Hardwick is the messiah. Richmond were smashed in a couple of finals series and in 2016 finished 13th with a mere eight wins. But suddenly in his second ‘real’ year at the helm we expect Worsfold to have us operating as a finely-tuned top four side?

There are things that need to be fixed at our club, that’s undeniable. The selection committee need to put games into our young VFL talent. Tactically we lack nous.
But things are not as bad as they seem.
Things will turn.