Panic Dollars 2017 - the game


Panic Dollars return and bonus rates for R20 v FarkCarlton …


Come on Woosha hold your nerve and play LAV for one more game, I need the $6 return :slight_smile:


Not to mention the double stress bonus payment


New 2 x double stress: Green 50%, Ambrose 50%


Please divest all LAV!

50% Double Stress on Colyer
50% Triple stress on Zaharakis.


Double stress McKenna and Stewart please


Sell All

BUY Bellchambers 50% DOUBLE STRESS


I just noticed that you’ve got my 3 game stress on Lav. My request was for Jimmy Stew.


Phew, looks like I might get to hold on to 3rd place for now.


Nooooooooooooooooooo…damn you Woosha, all hopes of a top 3 finish have been dashed


OK, sorry. I’ve fixed it now. You only have $114,268.25 and are still in 6th place, but stress option is still live.


Thanks muscles!


The Podium is definitely not set with this week plus at least 3 more matches to play.

In fact if Ess plays FCFC as named there will be a new leader this week - @Kj_11 will move into the hot seat.

I was surprised nobody from lower reaches punted on the half million trauma option this week.


Winning!!! :star_struck:

If only temporarily.


Panic Dollars holdings and rankings updated after R20 glorious smashing of FCFC.

Biggest climber was @BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS who rose 6 places due to getting a Trauma payment, this is the first trauma payout. Biggest fall was @2011 who fell 3 places.

@Kj_11 took over the hot seat as the new leader.


  • yellow - live stress option
  • blue - live trauma option
  • pink - failed option


Where’s the odds?


Always published after I look at Club’s injury report on Tuesday. Will be up this evening.


New Panic Dollars return rates and bonus options payments for R21 v Adelaide are posted below.


Damn. All my trauma $ went out with that pissy little tap by Zerrett


Rolling the dice, going for the big play, no use playing it safe, its all or nothing, go big or go home, if your not first your last…

Sell all buy Stanton

Cmon Woosha you know you want to…