Panic Dollars 2017 - the game


If I can go in for double triple stress on Bellchamber (did this once before on Langford for double double stress).

Meaning that if Bellchambers plays the next three games (betting on making the 8 here) I get 2 x triple stress bonus’s for 2 x 50% investments = 100% on Bellchambers triple stress x 2.


Yes that is OK. I recall when you did it last time Langford was not selected.


Sell All

Buy Bellchambers 50% DOUBLE STRESS
Buy Hartley 50% DOUBLE STRESS


Trades closed. Club is putting out twitter indications - 6 changes!!


@Kj_11 is not going to like Colyer being dropped.

@benny is going to hope Hart’s gets 2 runs in a row with Hurley possibly returning in round 23.

@hambo interestingly didn’t go the stress option, but get’s a nice secure return on Begley and Belly.

@wimmera1 gets a nice return on double stress Lav and Myers

@Slowstu is looking good with his double stress Belly and Bags

@Klawdy crashes and burns with Franga

@BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS is going for the trauma option with JD

and I’m hoping for Belly to stay fit and in the side and we make at least the Elimination Final.


Colyer out will dump @Kj_11 from #1 hot seat to 4th.

If team plays as named, the new gamers in the podium hot seats will be
@benny @SCarey and @hambo


I figured the stress options a bit dangerous having the feeling there might be a few changes to the team. Happy with that decision.


I was never going to make the podium given my late start, but I’m mostly happy with my investments.
I dropped off a bit in the middle rounds.


With Hurley and Colyer out, only BJ and AMT will have played all 24 games to date, including JLT games, assuming no late changes.

Fair effort from Tippa, I doubt many would have tipped that at the start of the year.


10 games into Panic Dollars I was 23rd after my 100% Triple Stress Langford debacle (the bet was alive for less than 15 minutes).

How much are Panic Dollars worth again?


Hambo will only be $120k off the lead after this week, and the only contender who isn’t locked in for R23 already. So he could make a big play on R23 and take the lead if it comes off.


Heh Heh, that’s the plan: :money_mouth_face:


Panic Dollars holdings and rankings updated after R22 glorious victory over Gold Coast Sols

Just like a Colyer miskick @Kj_11 slips off to 4th. @benny regains the leaders hot seat, from @SCarey and @hambo

Biggest climber was @sj_2150 while biggest fall was @Kj_11


Why aren’t I making money off Lav?


Bad news I’m afraid. You took a Trauma option on Laverde. That option doesn’t pay weekly returns, only the big final payment at the end of the 5 week period if he plays all 5 games. However, because Lav did not play all the games from R19 to R23, you will not get the final payment either.


A moments silence for peeto.


We all mourn his passing.

May his dollars forevermore be panicked and his selections validated.


…can I declare bankruptcy and then make a highly geared bet on Begley this week?


Side note I’m doing this cos I’m a bitter ■■■■ but what does this 2% loss matter if someone misses a game seeing as you lose the lot anyway?


You don’t lose the lot - your money is just frozen till after R23, i.e. Finals, then you can trade again. In every option you lose 2% each week for each player that does not play.

The comparison is investing, not betting. You get a return or not, but it takes a while to lose all of your investment.