Panic Dollars 2017 - the game




Perfect week to pick the trauma option … only a real true hand-on-your-heart, with-you-in-the-trenches diehard fan would select this option this week…


I’m in.

Trauma on Watson.



I think @Kay_Eff_See may have misplaced this.

Oh there it is below, ignore my link.


Panic Dollar return and bonus rates for Round 23 v Freo.


Alls in on #5:






Sorry … I may have placed it in wrong thread initially. Thanks for moving back to here.


Ooooh, I’m beginning to see the wisdom of @hambo , I wouldn’t mind a sneaky $862K on Colyer, Watson or even Begley.

Putting TBC and Hartley at $3 brings me back easily into his sights and potentially @benny too.


Watson at $5 seems like a big risk to take:


Some interesting rates there.

Green and Fantasia out, yet Colyers price blows out.

Watson eases out to $5 yet the champion is guaranteed a game. I’d have him at $2.

I sense some AFL like collusion going on here to contrive an exciting finish. I feel at the mercy of the administration body :):grinning:


Well @benny I think I should go all AFL on your ■■■ …
Please explain why you shouldn’t be charged with bringing the panic dollars game into disrepute by your suggestions of collusion and the inference of cheating.

Jobe and Kelly could be just doing a farewell lap at half time for their send off. However, the face masks and hard tag interview do suggest Jobe will play. So going with convention, I will close any further investments on both Watson and Kelly for this week.

Colyer was priced at $4 last week because he was in the team although a likely candidate for omission. This week he is out of the team and is one of several candidates for inclusion, so he has to be a higher price. There aren’t many team changes this year, it is a harder team to get into, than to get out of. Colyer isn’t in my best 22 for this week.

I think I said in middle of the year when it was obvious there were not many changes being made that I wanted to keep pushing up the rates of players outside the team so that they represented tempting value. This is why Bellchambers was $8 last week. I don’t see how you can jump on TBC last week and then complain about the same pricing methodology this week.

I rank the players every week and look at the spread of returns offered. I try to keep the following graph a smooth curve…

And this graph reasonably consistent …

The $2 section is lower this week because of Hurley and Fantasia injuries, but otherwise the spread is not far off the average distribution for the year.


:wink: oops


Load up on Redman please Champion. I’m going for the mother of Hail Mary’s!


Interesting rationale.

Both TBC and Begley were out of the side last week and now they are in.

TBC had been dropped and the player who replaced him, Leuey, had a fitness issue which ruled him out of the side so TBC was a monty to come back in, but now Leuey is fit so there is a real chance TBC could be dropped again if Leuey is the preferred ruck at the moment.

Begley has been banging on the door to get into the side for sometime and with Green now injured and him playing a ripper first game, even if Colyer comes back (which would be the logical like for like replacement for Green), there is no way Begley will be dropped, yet Begley has shortened only $2 to $4 and TBC has massively shortened $5 to $3, don’t see the full logic here. And despite Colyer not being in your best 22, I would be betting on him getting in if I wasn’t locked in this week.

However, kudos to @hambo for playing the game better than I, as I see it at this point. I am unused to the amount our bets are worth now we are nearly panic dollar millionaires and if I survive to be on the podium, I will be happy with that.

Thanks again @Kay_Eff_See for raising enough interest in your game to ignite my and @benny 's passions and motivating our collusion to bring Panic Dollars into disrepute.


My notes say TBC was out injured as his foot got stomped on towards end of previous game R21. Both he and Leuey were in doubt for R22, hence high rates for both. TBC was named but Smack was also named as emergency cover if TBC was late out. There was even a rumour Smack was on the plane to GC. However TBC played and played well. So he returns to $3 - the rate the starting ruck has when he is in good form - since Woosha shows no sign of using a NLM type approach to ruck selection.

Begley has been close for a while, but the fact he didn’t play till R22 suggests he is a long way from a lock in Woosha’s best 22 till he shows more than 1 good game. Begley should be higher rate than TBC.

However you and Benny are right in that I deliberately tried to set up a close finish and maintain interest in the game till the end. But I did it more than 10 weeks ago, when I revised the rules and bonus rates. I said then that the leaders would get to $1M so the bonus rate payments were set at a level so they would be less attractive to the leaders with lots of cash and perhaps even a hindrance since they required multiple week locks compared to chasing the best weekly investment opportunity.


No need to justify yourself KFC you run the game, your rules. And I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for all your efforts this year!


$600k on Colyer and the rest on Begley please.


My bad KFC, I did recall, after I wrote the above, that TBC went down with an injured foot.

Benny-phone is right, your the boss.


Is this meant to be a trade?


It was.
And then very quickly wasn’t.