Panic Dollars 2019: Who wants to be a Blitzcoin millionaire? (Redbull wins option to get bucket hat!)

Can’t do that. Once you use any of the locks it takes a set proportion of money. Anxiety takes 50% min, so 2 x Anxiety uses 100% of your money. You can’t do anything else. You could probably do it all using only Nervous though.

Fair enough. Let’s nervous it, same distribution

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ANXIETY Z Clarke 50%
ANXIETY Laverde 50%

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I’ve got anxiety just looking at this.

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Well no change. Here are potential standings based on Team as named.

This table does not include Win Jackpot or Best Player bonuses.

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I set up the rules, I can’t control whether Gamers take up the advantages offered.

At one of our regular coffee meetings with Gil to discuss running rigged games for personal profit and glory, I asked why rich clubs don’t get upset with all the money thrown at basket clubs. He replied that “Tin rattlers always gonna be tin rattlers. Rich clubs know that the tin rattlers will always find some way to shoot themselves in the foot anyway”.

For example Gamers at the bottom tend to Trauma players who are more and more risky, being fringe to best 22 or not even playing, rather than picking Heppell or Zerrett who could get them more money overall by getting in bests for 3 or 4 of the 5 weeks to offset the smaller Trauma payout.

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Best players from AFL site:

Essendon: Merrett, McDonald-Tipungwuti, McKenna, Saad, Gleeson, Parish

Clarke twins both stiff

Stringer a bit stiff as well.

Happy with my recovery to the season after it went pear shaped with Ridley getting chopped for a week unnecessarily in round 2.

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Here are updated final Standings after R17 glorious victory v North. These do include Win Jackpot and Best Player bonuses.

Not as much movement this week. @Slowstu is the biggest climber, up 6 places.

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BEST Essendon: McDonald-Tipungwuti, Merrett, McKenna, Parish, Stringer, Saad, Gleeson, Z. Clarke

Far out, I have had tippa on stress all year, finally swap him for Hurley and he does that!!

Full calculations after R17.
(click on any pic to open slideshow)


Looks like a few more Gamers than usual picked up a Best Player bonus.

KayEffSee was the only successful Tramu this round - which would now put him in 8th place if he was ranked (despite starting in R13). It obviously becomes a bit harder to progress from now though.

This week
Next Game Friday night v Adelaide.
Big week for 10 Gamers expecting a lock bonus payment this round. Those with Langford Trauma maturing will be watching Heppell reports with a lot of interest.

Here are Nervous Rates and Bonus Payments for multi-game locks for R18 v Adelaide.


It will be a tricky week. Remember that the team will fly during the day Thursday and no doubt journos will report who gets on the plane. So expect the game to close as soon as any part of team is disclosed; do not wait until Thursday evening to make your decision.

Gamers who are not fully locked in this week are - @redbull @Slowstu @Nocturnal @Alber_Goodthur @nhanlon @dingus @Scintilla @Nod

I want to anxiety 50% of my funds on each of the following players:

  1. Gleeson
  2. Heppell
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Stress - Merrett
Then 2 K each on McGrath, Parish, Sheil, Stringer and Brown

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In order to honor Conour, I shall trauma him please tiger.

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Nervous Gleeson, 100% of available funds

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thats certainly one way to spell it.

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If you can think of a better way I’d love to hear it…

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