Panic Dollars 2019: Who wants to be a Blitzcoin millionaire?


Colonel pls…


Gamers who have free funds and can still update investment decisions for R10 are:
@samwoods @efc1robbo @TrevorBix @Heptides @dingus @nhanlon @Nod @theDJR


Phew I almost trauma’d Joe last night before the news broke

50% trauma tippa
50% trauma Shiel


Trauma is all eggs one basket - has to be 100% on one player.


My bad, apologies.

Ok stress 50% Shiel
Stress 50% tippa


Stress Smack


No can do. You need 50% to stress. You only have about a third of your funds free because of failed Anxiety on Mynott. Your only option is Nervous this week.


Ok, thanks. Nervous smack please.


That would be Danaerys Targaryan.

Or, according to Donningtons restraining order: Guelfi.

Much obliged.


Yep… I tried to find something else I liked as much, but couldn’t.

So me too.

Stress 50% Ambrose
Stress 50% Redman


yep, best on offer


Damnit, I crack the top few and then miss a week.


Potential standings if Team plays as named. These do not include Win Jackpot or Best Player Bonuses.

Some big movements this week - biggest likely to be @barnz and @SCarey climbing 20 places up from the bottom.

  • @dons23 likely to have biggest fall with his lock on JD.

Interesting that @Nocturnal and @benny were first and second after R5 and both elected to take a Trauma. Both Traumas were successful, however they did not return to the leading position. Which proves what I keep saying - Trauma is designed to assist the lower Gamers, not the leaders.


Yes, well I think I’ve played this game ■■■■ backwards. And as we are all so familiar with saying: There’s always next year.


Yeah the boys.


Why is the highest risk option not also the most rewarding? Surely there is a risk reward for locking away a player for 5 rounds.


Aside from the fat cash bonus?


Get off my wagon you guys. It left the station a week ago.


Absolute balls.


Oh yeah you’re right, it was 4 weeks ago.