Panic Dollars Game 2018 Results: Blitzcoin millionaire Skip27 wins from Nod and Benny


Rule Change for Best Players’ Bonus

This will still start this week R9, based on AFL/EFC match report named best players - as already advised.

However, I need to change the amount paid. I previously said it would be the greater of:

  • 1% of the total value all Panic Dollars investments - this week it would be 1% x $39.2k = $392
  • Or 5% of each Gamer’s investment in that player.

However, once I set up the algorithm and looked at a few examples there were a few problems. The payment is probably a little too big and might distort player investment too much, and 5% of each Gamer’s investment will almost always be the lesser term.

So I have a new formula as follows - each investment in a “best player” for that round will get a bonus payment equal to:
Total value all Panic Dollars investments x 0.5% x (25% + 75% x (Rank - 1) / (Total no of Gamers - 1)).

This will increase through the year, as the total of all invested funds grows.
Rank refers to the Gamer’s Rank at the start of that round. Gamers at the bottom of the rankings will get a larger best players bonus payment than those Gamers higher up the rankings.

This is in accordance with principles espoused by Gil when giving the keynote at the recent Gamerunners conference at FIFA HQ in Zurich which I attended. One of Gil’s main sections was titled “blessed are the tin-rattlers, throw them a few bucks and they will let you get away with anything”.


Assuming the Selected team actually plays this will be the new standings (approximately -it doesn’t include best player bonuses).

The podium 3 will stay although the order will change. @benny and @skip27 are the biggest climbers.

The only new investments to miss this week were by @nhanlon and @redbull on Mutch and Green respectively. Unfortunately they were both stress locks so they will hurt for a while.


And here I was thinking Green has a copy of Myers’ photos…


AFL site’s best players - Zerrett, Hooker, McKernan, Heppell, McDonald-Tipungwuti, Stringer, Fantasia

Useable - I wouldn’t have had Stringer in, and Smith Zaharakis and Bags a bit stiff - but we will go with these.


New Rankings and Blitzcoin holdings after R9 glorious victory over Geelong.

These include best player bonus payments. The best players are marked in blue in the tables.

Click on any pic to open a slideshow to see the tables better.

Legend to understand colour coding of bonus payments -

EDIT: Table was initially posted with a minor error to @nhanlon calculation, this has now been corrected. There was no change to rankings.

This week
As usual I expect Nervous Rates and applicable Bonus Payments for R10 to be posted after the Clubs injury report on Tuesday.

The next game is Saturday evening v GWS in Sydney. So likely normal team announcement on Thursday.


Ouch, a bonus for Heppell, he was my last trauma! @samwoods knows how to play this game. I have NFI.


Well best players bonus was only announced after you had both locked in your Trauma (R7) - so I don’t think you can make any call on who knows what they are doing, and who doesn’t.


That’s garbage that Zacka missed out on a nod in the bests.



Coaches votes - all votes to Essendon players
10 - Hooker
8 - smack
6 - Heppell
2 - Zerrett
2 - Zaharakis
1 - Bags
1 - Goddard

I think we have to accept that 80% of players named as bests will be OK, and 20% will be a bit random/debatable. But the payment amounts are relatively small, and randomness should even out over the year. So these bonuses are not going to influence who wins the game or not.


Oh, I’m qualified to make a call on whether @samwoods knows how to play the game.

He doesn’t.


Updated Nervous Rates and Bonus Payments for new locks starting R10 are posted below -


Game is open for new investments.

Should be interesting this week - how much change will there be to a team that won well?


Stress Hurls thanks.




Yes please.


The only investors who are not locked in and can make changers for R10 are:
@Heptides @smooth @benny @hambo @skip27 @Riolio and @theDJR


100% on green


The lack of McGrath has left me destitute after going Trauma on him…


Yeah he got me too. I thought it was a safe bet.


Am I reading this wrong? Shouldn’t a trauma be paid at the end of round 14 rather than 15? Rounds 10,11,12,13 and 14?