Panic Dollars Game 2018 Results: Blitzcoin millionaire Skip27 wins from Nod and Benny


Potential Rankings and new Blitzcoin holdings based on Selected team actually playing.


You mean everyone makes money!

Yes I’m discounting @theDJR


Yes, every Gamer picked players already in the Team.


Essendon: Z.Merrett, Hooker, Smith, McDonald-Tipungwuti, Stringer, Fantasia

Also a few Gamers had Dea and Guelfi so there will be some changes to the potential rankings I posted based on initially selected team.


The new Rankings and Blitzcoin Holdings, including best player bonuses are …

The podium placings stay the same as last week.

It looked like @SCarey was going to move into 2nd with his 2 x 50% Stress on Guelfi being paid out this week. But with Guelfi being a late out, SCarey instead fell to 10th.

@hambo and @Slowstu were also hurt by late outs of Dea and Guelfi.


Didn’t see that coming. Damn.


Here are the full calculations after R20 game.

Click on any pic to open a slide show so they are easier to see.


Next Week
Friday night lights v St.Kilda on the ground the same size as injured players’ oval.

Most Gamers are locked in for this week. There are likely to be only a few trades.

For the gloomers and cannon polishers only 3 games to go before the list cull and coach sackings can begin.
For the lid-offers only a miracle and 7 wins away from our next premiership.


Leader @Nod and @nhanlon (4th) could use the locked in week to ponder why making 100% Anxiety or Stress investment on one player may not be the best option.


Is that because of best player bonuses?


No. Look at what Skip27 and Wimmera1 did compared to what you did - and then see how it works out for them in R22, compared to you.


Here are the Nervous Rates and Bonus Payments for new locks starting R21 v St.Kilda.



Although the only Gamers who are not locked in already for this round are …
@SCarey @TrevorBix @Riolio and @theDJR


How the hell do you find time to do all this mate?

Appreciate all the work you put in


Thanks for the comment. Although it looks more work than it is. Mostly it is copied from the previous week and formulas automatically update everything for the new round.


100% Nervous on Leuenberger this week thanks.


All on Francis on the highest risk possible at this point in the season thanks K


You need to say one of Nervous, Anxiety, Stress or Trauma - it isn’t that hard.


You would think it’s not that hard, but I am almost last so it’s obviously very hard for Trevor Bix . 100% stress on Francis


That makes it 7 Gamers locked on Francis. One hopes your desire and enthusiasm does not exceed the Franga’s ability to perform and maintain continuity.


No changes. Franga stretches does not break.

Here are potential rankings based on Selected team. Still to come - Late changes, Best Players bonus and Win Jackpot (if applicable).

@nod appears likely to open up a fairly big lead.

@Kj_11 was in the lead in R17 when he took Trauma option - looks like he will not return to 1st position when it matures this round.


Win Jackpot is applicable.

And Best Players Bonuses for …
Essendon: McDonald-Tipungwuti, Merrett, McGrath, McKenna, Myers, Heppell and Carlisle.