Parcel delivery can do better. Discuss

So would I. I asked my dad to post a new debit card to me expecting him to think the same. But of course he’s old school so Australia Post is all he understands. I’ve had multiple personal letters using regular post from Aus never show up here. Gkad this one did

+1 for DHL when purchasing goods overseas. Fast and provide great tracking with consistent SMS and email notifications.

Yeah AusPost and their international equivalents don’t seem great at o/s.
This is the entire tracking history for ~900AUD parcel.
The guy sent a new parcel and there hasn’t been any movement on that for a week now either.

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Given the obvious Covid issues, Australia Post for me has been a disaster these last 10 months or so. Some ‘express’ items arriving after 10 business days. Many other parcels arriving two weeks past the expected delivery time.

Australia post are amazing compared to Aramex/Fastway.

NEVER use them. Seriously don’t.

I paid 40$ for express delivery, they came to my house and attempted to deliver it, I was home and they didn’t even knock or call so they left. I called them and asked what happened and they said they would re-deliver it the next day.

The next day comes round and they dont deliver it so I call them and they tell me that they have returned item to sender which is in china. The tracking said it was at their Sydney depot tho and they wouldn’t let me come and pick it up they just kept telling me it was already sent back to sender and there’s nothing they could do (lies)

I still haven’t recieved that parcel, iv spoken to the sender and they havnt recieved it back and its been 5 months. They’ve destroyed it or lost it. They have the worst customer service known to man.

Why the hell would they return it to sender?? Aus post dont do that they just leave it at one of their branches to be picked up.

I hopped on their Facebook to see their reviews and 100% of their customers and reviews were saying worst courier company in existence. One person had their dog kicked by one of their employees while delivering something.

They copped an absolute earful from me aye lol

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Personally I don’t have too much of an issue with delays.
They’ve been pretty open about the delays so when they happen it’s not unexpected.
That being said I don’t think I’ve had anything take longer than a fortnight including WA, QLD and rural NSW.
Reckon the longest was something from Dandy to Croydon in the middle of our 5km restrictions.

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Actually one thing I think is funny.
Pretty often you’ll have something make it to Melb and it’ll sit there for ages.
Lodge a query and it rocks up first thing the next morning.
Happens waaaaay too often to be a coincidence lol.

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I get why international deliveries is slow right now but why is it still so bad once it lands in the country?

Covid still the excuse or lack of labour or don’t want to spend on labour?

A bit of both.
I’ve spoken to a couple of guys at the distribution depot near work and they say they’re 300% up on deliveries at the same time 12 months ago with no increase in staffing/shifts (or a 50% work force if we’re talking Vic in June-ish).
I asked about a longer roster with more night shifts etc and basically AP didn’t want to pay for it.

I sent a book to a bloke in Moscow by registered AP. It was returned to me a fortnight later with Cyrillic script all over it. Said Russian had paid me about $70 for the service, so I took said parcel back to AP and asked them to try again. They said they would if I paid them another $70. I had sent photos of the returned parcel to the Russian customer who advised the delivery had been outsourced to an infamously rubbish courier company in Russia who had advised that his address didn’t exist and they hadn’t attempted delivery. He said they did this kind of thing a lot. I passed this on to AP who huffily advised that if I resent the parcel by standard airmail it would only be $50 odd, and it wouldn’t be outsourced to said courier company. So the outcome was I paid them $50+ postage, the bloke got his book and the people at the post office remember me as the bloke who got cranky with them.

There have been 1000’s of extra staff put on and posties have been transitioned into other vehicles. APG has purchased or leased 1000’s of vans to cover this and delivery drivers are working long hours including 6 and even 7 day weeks. Freight volume is up far more than envisioned and normally things slow down for a patch to allow recovery but it’s not heading that way. Transport and logistics is having a huge effect as some facilities can simply not process anymore freight and new temporary facilities are being set up almost weekly. Throw in the domestic flight cuts thanks to border closures and it just makes things harder to move. Hopefully with borders all pretty much open we will see a more regular service via air

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Wasn’t AP roasted not that long ago for wanting their staff to do extra shifts for free?

But if flights are restricted surely that last line of delivery should be going more smoothly?

Should add my only experience in logisitics is in games :smiley:

Yes, office staff including management were asked to do some deliveries after hours or on weekends to get the load down.
Myself and others in Adelaide did some weekend delivery which is continuing still work but most definitely got paid

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Amazon definitely doing weekend deliveries. Haven’t had any from any other companies. Amazon’s warehouse is less than 10km from us so it seems their own staff for deliveries.

Many a time i’ve seen different cars delivering stuff. Sedans, hatches, etc…

In theory yes but in reality you have flights arriving later in the day after drivers have left the depot, you have some being switched to road freight which adds to delays. Lots of various reasons and the final line is on top of things currently so any delays are due to the logistics currently


My purchase has been in Geelong for a week and all I want is for it to end up at the post office in South Geelong. It’s been “in transit” in South Geelong since Thursday and I’m not sure if we need to send out a search party for the delivery driver. He probably has a family that are missing him. Lucky bloke

Amazon sends a stack through the AP network aswell

Stuff that isn’t sold by AmazonAU. Amazon is the shop front but they also are their own seller.

But yes not just AP we’ve had every courier service including the premium services deliver for Amazon purchases.

i work in the rail industry , the intermodal australia wide division has gone from a 4month peak leading up to xmas to a 12month peak…sydney perth corridor at saturation point

At the moment not enough assets whether it be Locomotives wagons or train crew to meet the demand.

Couple it up with record wheat harvest makes for some interesting days…


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