Parish, Caldwell or Hobbs

It seems to me that all three of Parish Caldwell and Hobbs are inside centre square players.

Caldwell has had 3 centre square attendances in the first 2 games

Hobbs is in the seconds racking em up.

If one is to be traded to better balance the list who would you go with ?

Trading thread in March?



Keep them all, thanks.



This thread legit?



CBAs are a small part of the game, Caldwell is still playing inside around the ground. Merrett has 27 CBAs but around the ground will standoff / hold his width. Parish, Merrett, Caldwell, Shiel, Hobbs and Setterfield can play together and I think we’ll see it this year.

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yikes, dont think this will last long.


Interesting stat is that Scott has given almost all of the centre square work to 4 players, Merrett, Parish, Shiel and Setterfield.

Caldwell only 3 in 2 weeks and zero to the rest.

I’m not knocking Parish but I can see both Caldwell and Hobbs getting to a similar level.

And we will also want to develop Archie as a line breaking midfielder.

At least we moved McGrath back which was necessary. But the list is still not balanced IMO.

enjoy the season first i think

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I would trade none, but if I had to trade one it would be Caldwell.

He is probably on lighter duties in terms of CBAs due to the shoulder injury he had in preseason. Remember in match sim he wore a green vest, to indicate no tackling.


Actually a list problem? Or we’re just not utilising the strengths of the list?
or not being brave enough to have a proper look at someone like Hobbs or even Perkins?

Certainly agree that we’ve over spent on inside mids in the last 5-6 years.

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Every year some whine about lack of depth - ”where are all our developing mids?”

And every year some also can’t see past a best 22 and want to trade to then end up in situation again with no quality depth and end up bringing Ham/Hibberd/Cutler and co in.

Injuries will inevitably occur, opportunities will come. As will greater opportunities as the young players get to a point where they over take others.


All will play out their careers at Essendon I would think.

Caldwell does some pretty special stuff : memo is game i think against Lachie Neale last year, Parish is elite.

Hobbsy i love his attack on the footy but he needs more game time.

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Harsh gurg for mine.

Just getting in early.

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deserves to be gurged, we have a hard to shiel with forum tyvm

What’s a gurg?

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Wait a minute and find out


This is going to be a very real issue for Brad Scott to solve at the end of the year. As it stands, Tsatas and Hobbs are yet to play this year, but they will somehow. Caldwell will build fitness after his shoulder reco and warrant a heavier role. The magnets will be thrown around and a plan for the future will be worked through. If our depth shows signs of taking on the center clearance duties, then Parish leaving as a free agent becomes more likely. If the kids struggle, then other calls will be made.

It adds flavour to the year in my mind. When the rotations start to change, we’ll have a good idea of why.

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I am waiting……