Pell and other allegations

Absolutely correct

Anecdotal, but I am aware of a small child whose friends told a teacher of abuse of her by a relative. The teacher applied all the protocols for reporting without contaminating the evidence. The relative was found not guilty under the criminal standard of proof. The parents said the most important outcome for the child was that they believed her. The relative was ostracised , subsequently suicided,

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Brand’s always burnt through partners and workplaces before the depth of the allegations became public.
Hughesy’s the total opposite.

There is literally zero similarity.

Find him funny or don’t, but you can’t go throwing him into the same boat with pedos just because you don’t like his comedy.

I ■■■■■■■ didn’t…and you know it.

I compared their comedy.

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“In many regards” is a very odd choice of words, then



Pell still dead?

Yes? Good.


Interesting article, it discusses the other institutions that have used permanent stays.


They are all going to be overturned now.
It’s a disgrace that this tactic was employed.


It’s only beginning to hit the fan in Spain now, could bankrupt that Church there. Numbers quoted in El Pais big.
Serves it right for backing Franco in the Civil War.


Serves it right for sheltering and protecting child molesters at the expense of the people they are supposed to care for.


I think the church’s influence and adherents were an extremely significant cause of the civil war.

Some horrendous things were done on both sides…exhuming and desecrating buried clerics was fairly low percentage.

There were big stoushes at Melbourne University in the thirties, Santamaria was on Franco’s side.
When I was in Spain with my family towards the end of the Franco era, I went to a church in Zaragoza. Inside the church was a giant bomb and the national flag. Some inscription like God and Franco saving the church from being bombed.



With each new case against a priest and church coverup exposed, the church loses a little bit more power. New legislation helps speed up that process, which l count as a good thing. If only the cost to victims wasn’t so high.

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St Kevin’s dumping the Christian Brothers. What will they call themselves now? Kev’s Kollege?

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There was something , way back last century, about the Christian Brothers being banned in Spain.
It may have been suggested that it was too progressive in its teachings
If correct, it won’t come up in the clerical abuse investigations in Spain.

Most of the Christian Brothers are dead, defected or in jail. There was one left at my old school in 2000.

Yet another school sold to pay for catholic school sexual abuse was the $27m sale in 2022 of DeLaSalle Malvern to ( FCS ) another arm of the catholic church ! Although 327 people have claimed against the DeLaSalle Brothers, they still continue running 2 other schools.

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I think the DLS Brothers are called the Christian Brothers in the US, whereas here they’re the Irish lot…St Kilda (now St Mary’s combining with PCW), St Kevins, St Bernards, Parade, Aquinas, St Joe’s in Geelong, St Pat’s in Ballarat