Personal Anomalies % Foibles

While l am nominally a left-hander, there are plenty of things that contradict this slant.

For some reason which l am yet to discover, l always put jackets, coats and shirts on with my right hand/arm first. Ditto right foot into shorts/long strides. Yet when l take off jackets/shirts/coats, l take the left arm out first.

Anyone else got something similar going on?

I am an incredibly intelligent person, but for some reason I keep on saying incredibly stupid things.


i’m the opposite


I’m totally left-handed but there are some things I do right-handed because there were no left-handers around. For example, knife and fork like a right-hander. I have no idea what leg i put into my pants first, or any of the other things.

The only other thing i do right-handed, and I haven’t done this since school, is shoot off my right shoulder, because vision in my left eye is horribly restricted from birth.

Luckily I had a letter from my doctor telling the head nun in Grade 3 not to try and change me. She was a demon for tying kids’ left hands behind their backs.

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I’m always getting @simmo41 and @scotty21 mixed up.

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Have no vision at all on my right eye but I’m very much right had and right foot dominate

My father was a lefty who was forced to write right-handed.

I hold the fork in my right hand and cut with the left, but I don’t switch. I shoot pool / billiards left-handed.

I am right-handed at almost everything else, though. I have a moderate level of ambi-dexterity in certain things which I chalk up to having played drums for 30+ years.

I also type funny - pretty much entirely with my index fingers and right thumb.

You are right, that is incredible.

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Hey CJ, would another of your foibles be confusing % and &?


Same with my mum. She grew up at St. Catherine’s Catholic orphanage in Geelong, where the nuns told her that being a leftie was the work of th devil. She was forced to learn to write with her right hand. Perhaps that was one reason why my sister and l were sent to a state school.

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Didn’t confuse them, just couldn’t see them clearly in the half light of this room.

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There was no recorded sinistrality in my paternal side, until my father’s and his 4 married siblings had one each…and then my two youngest sisters were both molly-dookers.

I don’t think there’s any on the maternal side. My grandmother would have run with work of the devil. Shocking old bigot…

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I am left-handed for most things, except for some reason I throw ball better with my right hand, but write lefthanded, kick left foot and bat left handed.

I always played golf lefthanded and purchased sets of lefthanded clubs. Always a very average golfer and never cracked 100, until I went to USA some years ago and stayed at a place called Barton Creek Country Club in Austin Texas. I went in the pro shop looking at clothes and the prices were extreme, $200 for a shirt. the guy behind the counter asked me if needed help and I told him the prices were high, and he said, another cheap Aussie !! He then asked me if i wanted to play a round and asked how much and the price for a guest was $250 a round; I just laughed at him, and then he said he was going to play 9 rounds, so maybe I could play with him. He provided a set of lefthanded clubs and off to the first tee. I played my usual crap drive that skipped down one side of the fairway about 60 metres. He handed my his righthanded wood, helped me address the ball and showed me how to drive. The ball went over 200 metres straight down the middle . He said to throw my lefthanded clubs away and play righthanded, as I wa snot lefthanded at golf.

I followed his advice and still visit when I get to Austin. His name is Ben Crenshaw.


any putting tips from the great man!

Doesn’t everyone do that?

I’m left-handed but do several things right-handed (e.g. dealing cards, using a tin-opener, use knife in right-hand when in combination with a fork).

Guess I got the mixed-up thing from the old man who is right-handed but does the odd thing (e.g. using a knife on its own) left-handed. Oddly, he plays sports right-handed but putts left-handed.

If i try to play any sport right-handed, they’d call for the special bus for me. I once took a diving catch right-handed and they just called off training, seeing the age for miracles was over.

I don’t know; I thought everyone did the ASDF thing.

He gave me tips during that 9 holes of golf on most aspects. He advice at the end was to take up another sport as clearly golf was not my game.