Petition For a Review and restructure of The EFC

I would say that we haven’t seen any on field success for 20 years. Winning finals, hell even getting to grand finals, is good and necessary - but it’s not success. Not as I think we should be defining it.


Oh dear.

Rama I’ll give my 2c worth later,and once complete I will do my best to on send.

I honestly have no idea how to change things but will be on board with anything that seeks to try.

I’ve only run a business for 4 years.
But EFC is not some privately owned business,where X man and the board can make whatever decision they like with whatever motive.

But I would have thought that there must be a way besides running for the board lol,that you can surely demand some deeper analysis into the decision making/makers in the club. A way to hold them more accountable?

Ill say this. We all bagged the AFL for their optics and motives through the saga.Particularly with their use of manipulated media etc.

Well in 2020 that’s exactly how I feel about EFC.

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You can’t ask for a review and in the same request ask for specific actions

You either

A. Want someone to transparently review the club and make recommendations that are implemented


B. Demand specific changes

I wouldn’t sign something with both


As Sir Humphrey would say, never have an inquiry unless you know the outcome beforehand.


I agree with most of what you have said.

Naming names is not a good idea if you want to be taken seriously at this stage of the game. Name the various departments yes, and give examples and the context that is important. Keep it all short and sweet and make sure your spelling of names etc is correct,. Do your research because others will look for what is not accurate and pick it to bits.

Do not threaten because those reading the petition will go into resistance and not continue reading it. Keep the letter formal. Use the KISS principal. Keep it simple. Good luck and thank you for caring enough to do something.


Why don’t the supporter base get organized and simply put our foot down. Do something that will make the club take notice. Have not one supporter show up to the last game or something more drastic.

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And make it designed around the interests of the EFC to improve.
Not to oust individuals.

Its not about who is right,it’s about what is right.
And they get the opportunity as the existing board,
To contribute to that.

But in reality,you hope to create an opportunity for the existing board members to be found wanting.
And I’d say the petition should be centred around creating that forum in an open and public way.

There are men n women on this forum that would better understand that process than me.But I hope you get the premise.

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Your argument don’t hold water .all the players you mention about port Adelaide. what if all of them players you mentioned turn out the dud’s it’s a lottery .when you draft a player you don’t know if they becomes a champion ,or they becomes a dud. it’s just a luck of the draw

We don’t need a partitions sent it to board of Essendon. They’re going to tell you why you want to hear. What we need is a group to spill the board .we need wealthy donors or figures in the media . I would back any takeover of the board ,and the leaders of that group should be Matthew Lloyd ,Rohan Connolly, Mark Robinson .put up or shut up ,put your money where your mouth. is easy to be a sniper in the media ,backbiting behind people backs. It’s easy for the people who I mention in this article .they are using Essendon to Highton their credibility, and they want something to write in the media ,might give them a lot of clickbait,they only do it because they want to boost their circulation in the media print, or on TV they want ratings.they don’t care if Essendon Falls. as long as they can get there clickbait if Essendon go out of business like the fitzRoy they’ll move on to another club

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Robbos leadership is good for the next round at the pub and nothing else.


Against my better judgement he is my 2 cents worth.

The problem with petitions is that they often too emotive, poorly written, not specific, ask that things been done that can’t (i.e. the organisation does not power to do what has been asked) and don’t allow for process of natural justice to occur.

Here is how I would write a petition.

Statement - We think blah blah, club is crap, been a long time, concerned about the future blah blah. The following areas are of particular concern:

  1. concern 1
  2. concern 2
  3. concern 3…

To address the concerns we call on the club to undertake the following action:

  1. action 1
  2. action 2
  3. action 3…

Please direct a formal response to this petition to xxxxx

Some other points

  • You can’t call an organisation unprofessional and then have lots of typos and grammar errors in your document.

  • You can’t ask for a review having previously asked for certain members of staff or the Board to be sacked - what’s the point of the review if you are already determined the outcome?

  • When you ask for a review, be clear what is to be reviewed (is it Board, mgt, footy dept, list mgt, list, culture, fan engagement etc?).

  • Is the review to be conducted internally or externally. Who should receive the review to action it? How does the Board review itself?

  • When does the review need to happen? When does the club need to respond? How?

  • Check the club constitution. Is there a mechanism for these types of things and/or communicating officially with the club or Board. For example, if you want the Board to see it, do you need to address it to the Board or the President as opposed to just the EFC? - the latter may see it dealt with (binned) by the CEO and it not get to the Board at all.


We had a chance to do something big in 2012, but because of the supplement Saga and all fake articles from Caroline Wilson ,Mark Robinson, Damian Barrett, that derailed our season .it’s has taken us 10 years to recover .don’t forget were kicked out of 2012 finals, by Mike Fitzpatrick one time captain of Carlton ,who wanted at his beloved Carlton to take Essendon spot and engineer the outcome. You never seen the media attack or lay blame on worsfold for a lack of success ,because they know he’s going to hang up his whistle and retire .he’s got immunity from media because it’s like water off a ducks back, he’s just going to ignore it, any criticism of he’s going to laugh it off. I would like one day someone to wipe the smile on that prick face. worsfold always has a big smile on his face .he knows his conned Xavier Campbell for the last 5 years he’s got a paycheck.he would have went back and open a pharmacy in western Australia will all the money that he has exploited from the Essendon morons, he can’t afford open a couple of pharmacy. There’s an old saying that buck stops with worsfold ,he is complicit in our failure for the last 5 years. every since he become the coach . every day of the week ,every month ,every year ,since he’s been charged I’ve just sent Twitter asking him to be sacked and on the radio.I knew when I was watching the game against Brisbane when he let Daniel rich run around and gathered 40 disposals ,he did not do anything about it ,even Scott Lucas said on the radio the fix was in. The fix wasn’t in it’s just worsfild was clueless and braindead I blame it all on Xavier Campbell and John Worsfold, not having any game plan.never forget that sucker Essendon let all these players go like Patrick Ryder Michael Hibbert Stewart crameri Jake melksham

He shouldn’t, but I think X will receive the petition and file it in the recycling bin never to be heard of again.

We will have to wait for this Covid business to be done and dusted, but if we have a march/rally like March to the G, then all of a sudden media start reporting and the club starts listening.

If you want change, you need to get their attention. He has spent the last 4 years trying to be nice and fluffy to show the community that we are a respected sporting organisation (not football club). How do you think X will react when there are 60 thousand people gathering outside Tullamarine wanting answers?

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I’ve had to go and review my Rankings…

  1. Pam {Blitz}

  2. Pam Dawber

  3. Pam Anderson


You made a really good point that went against the grain in a similar thread. I’m paraphrasing but I believe it went along the following lines:

A drop in memberships or a petition won’t make the club/board suddenly produce a new plan that will see thing improve.

I was all for a membership boycott until your point swung me. But then that raises another question. What can we as members do that will bring about change?

N.B. Apologies if I have misrepresented your argument. Also, this is the second time in a few days I’ve addressed you specifically; promise I’m not stalking.

Please put in your petition “This club exists to win premierships” as the mission statement.

Everything else including “Purposeful innovation” ; inclusiveness ; coteries etc are a by-product of our goal of winning football games …

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  1. Pamctuation
  1. Pambulation.

I think John Worsfold is complicit in our failure for the last 5 years ,the media has amnesia to blame John Worsfold for his insipid performance ,you can blame everybody under the sun to the cows come home.John Worsfold rise and fall of failed .start at the Brisbane lion game at the Marvel stadium 2016 he’s really never change his coaching style for the last 5 years