Petition For a Review and restructure of The EFC

I’d not let any of those three anywhere near the board.


Me either.

“what can members do”

I outlined it in post 20. It’s from the club’s constitution. It’s the literal answer to that question.


Vote with your money and don’t buy a membership

You could add Tim Watson to that list

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Lol imagine robbo on the board

Would be ■■■■■■ as a fart in rambling overdrive

Ill make some adjustments and leave out asking to sack people, will focus on the review.

@Fairybread is absolutely right. It needs to be simple and structured.

I believe something asking the lines of

Communicate in clear and concise language what the club is trying to achieve and the steps it will implement to achieve it.


When you’re hear in the media they say Essendon has a won of final for 15 year , they never tell you why ?they never go back in time to analyse where we went wrong, I can name a few why we never won that final. in the final against Adelaide in 2009 we went into the final with Adelaide without Matthew Lloyd who got suspended for 5 weeks ,we never went in with a recognise Ruckman ,we use lovett-murray as a ruckman, David Hill got suspended too ,and who was the coach at that time Matthew Knights ,we should have beaten North Melbourne when we were 33 points up .when they kicked the first three goals bomber Thompson did not put anybody behind the ball to stop their momentum .before the final we lost Jake Carlisle who was in good form as forward.when we played Sydney Swans 3 years ago 3 of 4 players who were suspended from the supplement Saga play in that final and even the media criticise their inclusion into the side , last year’s final against west coast, when 6 players who could not even walk ,played in that final. How many teams make the final and they finish 8th and they bomb out straight away. They are just a few I remembered

Its pretty much what I’m weary off, yep.

A drop in membership/attendance will certainly get noticed but it will get a reaction from the club rather than the deliberate action many here want. The kicker for me is how can you be sure the club will respond in the way you want. How can you be sure they hear the right message and put in place the things you actually want.

For me there is three things to consider

  • Do the hear the right message, because it will be mixed. If they see 50% drop off you can be sure they are going to attempt to understand it. But they will hear many things, “its to expensive and i lost my job”, " i don’t feel connected anymore", " Dodoro sucks", " I want flags and success", " my kids dont enjoy it". Now everyone may say the success is the only thing they care about, but the club sits there and thinks well i dont know how to do that straight away, but hey we can offer discounts on the memberships and lets do more family days for the kids. So what do you think they focus on and deliver, the easy or the hard?
  • Business vs Football. Everyone is being pretty clear they want the club to focus on footy and not the business. Buuuuuuuuuuut if memberships and attendance go down thats a huge hit to revenue. Perversely the club is forced to worry about the finances more than footy. We could very well end up forcing the opposite of what we want,
  • Short term vs Long term, real success has to be driven by long term thinking, many here want us to take two steps back to rebuild. But similar to above point on finances, how can we be sure the club does this. Maybe they chase short term success to win a final and give hope to attract members back. Because the finance dictates they have too.

So yeah im weary that drop off in memberships or attendance achieves the action we want and perhaps create a worse reaction. But then the big question what can we do?

The first is influence directors and the club. Which is the same way anyone influences anything, power, money, connections and relationships. Does anyone on this site have them? nope so we feel frustrated. Although Directors have communicated on this site before.

The second is the direct appointment of directors to align with what you want, either the annual voting or a board spill. These things are very hard to do and often people seeking election will say one things and do another. I dont really have much advice other than be very clear about what we want candidates to do, the non negotiables and hold them accountable if they dont deliver.

Im not sure we will get the change we want.

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Memberships already been hit with 17k people not renewing. It definitely is going to take another hit next year.

A review is whats needed. If the review happens and it points out where the club is deficient at, then they have nowhere to hide and must fix them as the problems are identified to the fanbase. You cant have known problems and be doing absolutely nothing about it.

We should get the petition in a well written state and get it signed before this years AGM.

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I disagree, you can have long standing problems and you can do nothing about it.

That is exactly why many of us are complaining. And even then there are no guarantees that anything we do will work. The club may be happy with the status quo.

All we see are the problems they are trying to fix onfield with coaches, assistant coaches, gameplan, players ect.

The problems we need fixing are administration which we cant see on the television and will only come out with a review.

12 months ago when they announced the coaching transition, it was said time and time again “this isn’t going to be a gap year”.

I’m afraid to say… 2020 was a gap year.

So who is going to take responsibility for misleading the supporters?

Any Ethical senior person would come out now and say;
“the clubs performance this year has been pathetic. It’s not of the standard that this club expects. There will be an external review to address inconsistent performances across many years. Everyone is on notice.”


Thats it. Need to be success driven but we arnt. It bewilders me how they change every part of the club except list management and recruitment.

I doubt that is going to happen. That announcement would mean there is a problem.
And there isn’t a problem, for them.

What bits would you change or add anything? any suggestions?

I don’t see why the media is not savaging worsfold for his failure for the last 5 years ,once Worsfold goes and rutten takes over control, you’ll see a hundred percent difference in the way we play and our organisation, he will fight like a cage animal, you won’t see him sitting there when we’re 10 goals down in a coma induced state he be more animated. worsfold is like a corpse, he’s going to fight for his life, he will turn over every stone. if you were conspiracy theory present, you with think that worsfold trying to sabotage our season this year.I can’t see why Rutten is not taking over from the last two games .what can you learn from Worsfold how to be a complete failure.

I’d change most of it.

It has to be considered. We have to ask ourselves what we want to achieve. Are we just ■■■■■■ off because we were belted last week or do with believe there’s an actual problem within the organisation?

I’m not against the idea but I think it needs a lot more work.


No BS Version

"I write this to the Essendon Football Club in a time of crisis. The football club that I and many supporters have loved our entire lives is in a total state of demise.

Essendon has not seen any on field success for 20 years. Has not won a final in 15 years.
This mediocrity is not acceptable.

The fans of this club are demanding a complete external review of every department of the football club specifically involving the board and football departments. May we suggest people with no emotional attachment to the club that can come in and tell the club where and what needs to be discarded of or fixed/improved on.

Regarding list management - we have not seen any superstars in the club since Hird and Lloyd, this is unacceptable.

The board is another area of the club that needs over hauling. Our goal as a club needs to be winning premierships and winning premierships only. We must bring in people who demand success and standards and nothing else. The club’s current values are not values that will take you to a premiership. They also don’t align with the supporters as a community. Our values need to be; Honesty, consistency, courage, passion, Success, Accountability.

We as fans cannot sit around any longer while our favourite club we have poured money and time into slowly but surely destroys itself and Burys itself into even more years of entrenched mediocrity.
As we will lose the next generation of young bomber fans.

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