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The below petition has been developed as a mechanism to initiate a Senate inquiry into the supplements ‘saga.’ The intent of this petition is to investigate fully, without fear or favour, in the actions of the AFL, ASADA and WADA. The petition will be presented to Senator Madigan and the Greens Party to sponsor. Discussions have already been had with these parties.

Thank you to all the people who have been involved in contacting politicians, the media, venturing on other footy forums to shed light on this issue. Now is our chance to have our voices heard. Please forward this link far and wide and get behind our campaign for justice.

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No one whos been at ARSEADA, WADA, CAS, AFL or are currently there have a clue how to run their organisations with honesty and fairness.
Utter disgrace the lot of them!

Ings is such a tool. He set hares running about the WADA 6 months testing rule. He has conceded he was wrong, as Haynes had retired from Rugby League and hence the WADA retirement rules apply. He is eligible to play Rugby Union and to participate in RU7 Olympics. His father is Fijian.


Just hit the 3000 mark.

LMAO is McFarkstick waived privilege by shooting his mouth off in the senate.

Essendon saga: Victorian senator lodges FOI request for ASADA legal advice

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The fight for the release of secret documents linked to the Essendon supplements saga has taken a twist, with independent senator John Madigan lodging a Freedom of Information request.
Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority chief executive Ben McDevitt refused on Tuesday to release the written legal advice he received from the Australian Government Solicitor as to why seven documents relating to the Bombers’ investigation should not be handed over.
McDevitt quoted this advice when he appeared before the Senate estimates committee earlier this month.
Madigan, frustrated by McDevitt’s stance, has responded by seeking a Freedom of Information request over that written legal advice.

As the senate has been dissolved for an election, Madigan believes he had no other choice but to pursue this move in his bid to gain a better understanding of why 34 past and present Bombers are serving a 12-month ban for being administered a banned drug.
“The Australian Government Solicitor provided that advice to Mr McDevitt in confidence. What he then did with it was inconsistent with keeping that confidence,” Madigan said on Friday.
"By disclosing the gist and substance as well as the supposed conclusions of it to a senate committee, Mr McDevitt has made the public at large privy to that advice. He has waived his own right to the exclusivity of client legal privilege over that advice.
"It is now in the public interest that the full advice be disclosed because, quite frankly, it is highly improbable that any government solicitor would advise a Commonwealth official that compliance with an order of senate could in any way be a ‘voluntary disclosure’.
“The Australian Government Solicitor is not in the habit of holding parliament in contempt.”
Allan Hird, the father of former Essendon coach James, has also sought a copy of McDevitt’s legal advice.
Only one document, redacted in part, has been released - that being a 2009 review of ASADA.
McDevitt had said: “It would be imprudent of ASADA to hand the subject documents over to the minister for the purpose of them being tabled in the senate by the stipulated deadline. This is because, in the present circumstances, serious doubts attend the lawfulness of any voluntary disclosure of the subject documents by ASADA to the minister.”
He has since written to Madigan declaring he cannot hand over the information.
McDevitt has until June 20 to decide if he releases the legal advice but this could yet be extended.
Madigan’s key plan remains securing the seven documents, including the independent review of Operation Cobia by former Federal Court judge Gary Downes, the March 2014 final report of ASADA investigator Aaron Walker and an October 2013 report in which ASADA investigators allegedly found Gold Coast Suns footballer Nathan Bock and then fitness chief Dean Robinson had a case to answer over the alleged use of the banned peptide CJC-1295, and why ASADA opted to not pursue this.

It looks like this one may need a little push along, can anyone help?

A stand at the Family Day?? Wonder if the club would mind??

I reckon, for legal reasons, they might.

We could call it a “Strand” instead?

Finally signed.

I didn’t feel comfortable giving out my street address before, but I found a way around it this time.

If you're facing resistance from others about signing because they can't find the petition on line, just tell them to google Ess 34 or ASADA 34.

Tell the nervous nellies too, that they don’t have to write a comment on the petition and can sign anonymously. I have just tried to explain this to a friend of 40 years but she still says she’s unsure about being involved; she’s been delisted I’m afraid.

Delisted as a friend! My wife refuses to sign. Should I delist her too?!!

Yes. From the shoulder rub list.

Try mms:// ?

Or mms:// for lo-res.
I can't get it to work on iPad

My computer blocked the download as unsafe.

Further to the post above post from Bombers 08

On the weekend I sent an email of co-sponsored by 40 Essendon Members/Supporters to a range of people
I have received a couple of replies and today I received an email from the office of Senator Madigan

“To assist your cause, some Canberra-based supporters of the Essendon Football Club are circulating the attached petition.
Please return it to this office no later than Tuesday 23 February
● Also, if you are interested in the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority and its investigation of the Essendon Football Club 2012 supplements program, you might want to come to Parliament House at 10.30pm (until 11pm) this Wednesday (10/02/2016).”…

"ASADA is at that time due to answer questions from the Senate Community Affairs Legislation Committee at a public hearing under the 2015-16 Additional Budget Estimates process. This will take place in Committee Room 2S1. "

Not living in Canberra stops any chance of attending, but I will see if being televised or on radio.
This petition is to the President and members of the Senate. It calls on a Senate enquiry
In order to not get this petition confused on Facebook with the one we have been signing ( and is going fantastic I will refer to this in any future posts as Senator Madigan Petition

This is the link to the petition

I hope members/supporters will continue to advocate as widely as possible in order to get signatures via the web site. AND Print out the petition, get everyone in the family to sign, get your neighbours and friends to sign and send back by the 23rd February.
The Senators contact details are:
Parliament Office PO Box 6100 Senate Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600 Telephone: (02) 6277 3471 Fax: (02) 6277 5967
Email [email protected] or

One aspect I hope the prick is questioned on is the change in asada’s position. They initially supported a no siginifcant fault finding and post the CAS, their CEO has pointed the finger solely at players. Nobody has bothered to even question him in the media unsurprisingly.

Utter disgrace.