Photos you‘ve taken

Tempted to restart The Photo Thread…

And so it shall be. We all need pretty things to look at.

Other kinds of visual creativity also welcome here!

Looking at my photo collection is perhaps a bit close to the Travel thread — not enough appreciation for what is all around you normally.

Anyway… I‘ll start with an extension of my photos in that other thread, of the bus trip from La Paz, Bolivia to Arica, Chile. They don‘t do it justice, at all.

Apart from the first photo (as evidence I did take all but one of these through the window, and did a pretty good job of avoiding reflections!) they‘re in order of occurrence. Taken with a little Canon SX130.

Reminder that you can (except in the mobile version of the site) click on pics to get higher-resolution views.


Our dog Lucy waiting patiently for me to play with her.

Is Lucy a basenji?


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Mum and Dad and four kids in one big ball.

Mauna Kea space telescopes

Victoria , BC, Canada

Victoria again…

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some critters in Yellowstone NP

Look, it’s Yogi Bear!!!

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I take pics of stuff i think about buying,too.

Guzzi finally moving into the 90s, technology wise?
Guess Harley moved on from the 50s, eventually.

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Not in quite the same category as the others found here, however I did, indeed, take this picture at the local shops.

I didn’t buy any

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some critters in Yellowstone NP


carpet snake above the tent at Jervis Bay, NSW

I take pics of stuff i think about buying,too.

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I got married there!

one for daytripper (taken Kathmandu)...

I cannot get photos to load.
do i use the [image icon]
or drag and drop off photo bucket
Technology is great if you know how it works


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