Photos you‘ve taken

No Tony, not one of Labor’s “Faceless Men”. (shot through a glass cabinet purely to see how much detail i could get in the fabrics and to see the colors. playing around with an Olympus after the theft of much of my Pentax stuff)

I know it’s only Adelaide, but thread needed a bump…

Pretty sweet timing, Mr Gull…

Alien Predator!

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You know what always annoyed me about that movie?

The lack of character development for Trace, the one they disappeared without.

Hanging Rock made my camera go quasi-monochrome. Seriously, dunno what happened but it kinda works.


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And I‘ll stop for now with a visual joke (in Arica).

When we bought our house the previous owners left this plant in a pot. My wife planted it and this is the first year it has flowered. Took nearly 2 decades but worth the wait I think.

I think it's some sort of Sempervivum.




Its funny getting a new lens /camera etc. Pics get taken of all manner of things that probably arent worth taking. Lol.

Somewhat topical for this time of year. I was doing an extension up near whittlesea and this lad was very curious.

there is something about horse fringes which just cracks me up.

■■■■■■ Saladin had to start with a ■■■■■■ monochrome photo… ■■■■■■ artistic types!
I have a couple corker “curious horse” photos, will post tonight.

Similarly pointless photo but this time with colour. Just for Dave.

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This one actually IS a colour shot too, lol.

Here's the bit Sal missed




Warrandyte River



Patterson River area (photobucket is squishing my photos for some reason).




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