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It’s in Japanese but it’s a 30 second preview of the new AI for photoshop. This is going to kill off a lot of jobs.■■■/status/1663486397515444224?t=THAICTuZop4byyZxrA61MA&s=19


Just been out for walk and liked this cloud setting



I’m not too happy with the last photo cause it was into the sun and was glary as. A lot of work to fix it. Maybe too much.

Did you also take colour pics of these two places?

I’d be interested to see the comparison if you did. :slight_smile:

Now you can see the type of day I was dealing with.


Yes…I can why you went with the B & W pics :slight_smile:


I like the second one, where is that?

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So this is Nagasaki and approximately 1km from the Nagasaki Nuclear Bomb Memorial. This spot is ground zero. The bomb detonated approximately 1650 ft above this spot on 9th August 1945.

77 years later I can only assume someone who is a local is still praying and placing flowers at the memorial. She was visibly sad. I took this photo from the hip and behind cause I didn’t feel it was appropriate at the time to point it in her face (mask or not) but it really captured the mood of what we had just visited. Maybe she was a survivor? Maybe she was praying for her parents / family? Maybe she survived as the family lived on the other side of Nagasaki (Nagasaki is surrounded by mountains and thus protected a lot of the areas on the opposite side of the bomb).

Just for reference here’s the Hiroshima bomb if it hit Melbourne.

Yellow zone is 50% chance to live. Outside of that you can still die of radiation poisoning.

Australia also has a contribution to the Peace Park in Nagasaki.

This isn’t really a terrific photo but I took this more to see the affects of the bomb.

If you look at the darker black patches (you really need to zoom for this), this is actually a shadow of a tree that was next to this building. If you look really closely to the lighter patches you can still see the leaves that were part of that tree.

This is the iconic statue from the Peace Park. The right hand pointing to the sky to remind us of the atrocities. The left hand guiding us towards peace.

Lastly, this is the National Peace Memorial Hall for victims of the Atomic Bomb. At the end of the hall there are books storing the names of the people. Not only are there Japanese names but also American and British soldiers who were POWs at the time. According to their website 192,310 names are recorded. The hall faces directly to ground zero.

Please take the time to watch a short 3 minute video about the hall and some information about the bombing.

Thank you for reading.

May we realise peace in our lifetimes.


Last thing about the bombing.

Some buildings that survived have been kept.

Also some trees that survived.



Palm Cove, FNQ?

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A bit of forced perspective, but it’s still nice, I think.

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A few pics from illuminate last night.


thanks for the prompt - was meaning to post pics from Lightscape!