Photos you‘ve taken



That second one looks like it was taken with a drone.


Not long to go on this trip. The phone seems to be working fine as a camera, and I’m ok with not bringing anything more complex with me. A few more pics, and may have one more day’s worth after this.

Bonus artsy shot:


I was going to say @Deckham needs that rash checked out by a doc for the 2nd one.

Pics are awesome btw.


Last day overseas and this will be my last post of phone pics for a while. It’s been a fantastic holiday.

And my favourite from the trip:

Cheers :slight_smile:


Disappointed that you won’t be showing the progress of that burgeoning face fungus.


When I first saw Deckhams photo, I thought I was in the wrestling thread.


It’s like @Deckham has made this thread his own personal instagram.




That pic at the top is eerily beautiful


See alot of amazing sites at big fires sometimes. When you get the chance to stop and look around.


With three kids, a large mortgage, two motorcycles and an inconsistent income , THE LAST place I should be going to is an Alfa show.

But damn, do I love the 105 series!


Very cool cars.


That’s only because they never run long enough to warm up.


Some photos I took a few months ago in Komodo Indonesia !


I always thought Komodo would be a drag on my finances.


You’ve got to monitor that.

I read a Randy Wayne White novel where Batista, the dictator deposed by Castro and Che Guevara, was flying his treasures out before the fall. One plane crashed on Florida’s Gulf Coast and had a couple of baby Komodo dragons on board. These dragons thrived in the Florida environment and the descriptions he gave of them were truly scary.


Why, is he Hisspanic or something?


Yeah it can be.

But If you know how to dive, have some kit and are prepared to sleep on the deck, it can be done on the cheap. Not a luxurious experience though.

Return Flights from bali can be as little as less than $200.

I was over there doing a couple of live aboaboards and I got badly sick so I had to cancel the 2nd one, now that cost me a few bucks.

If you want more advice on Komodo, just PM me. Happy to chat to you further if that helps. I lived and worked in Indo for a while and know it.