Pick 34 - Who Do We Take?

As is stands, we don’t enter the draft until Pick 34 (received from GWS in 2017).

So draft experts, who do we like?

Cal Twomey told a caller on Trade Radio he likes Ely Smith for our pick. Can’t find a heap on him, but there is this clip from his U18 Champs game against WA.






I’d take Jake Bytel.


Midfielder, 188cm, 82kg, Calder Cannons

Buckenara says : The Calder Cannons co-captain is a goalkicking midfielder and a very smart footballer who generally makes good decisions with ball in hand. Bytel has a good balance of inside and outside ball-winning ability.

Plays like : Steele Sidebottom (Collingwood)

From Cannons. Plays like our arch nemesis player. Kicks goals from the midfield.

  • Great Falling Hope: Bailey Williams if he somehow fell far enough for us. Ruck/forward who could give us cover in a post Smack/Leuy/Belly world that could exist 3 years from now.
  • Perfect fit of maybe availables: Marlon Pickett (183cm/85kg). 26 year old WAFL player who has previously been played off HBF, but this year played inside/outside mid and dominated. Quick, agile, good above his head, aggressive and versatile. Hasn’t been given a go recently due to previously off field criminality, but has now had a number of years performing and behaving. Some comments from Big Footy’s mature aged player thread (different posters) “Aggressive, exciting, skilled, quick… got all the tools to be successful making the step up”, “Pure class, wiry but strong and can produce moments of inspirational footy in the air and at ground level”, “One of the absolute elite midfielders not on an AFL list. He has gone back to state footy and dominated”
  • Plan B realistic: Matthew Parker (187cm/80kg). A small forward who has done well at WAFL, still young, with strong versatility. A team mate of WAFL gun Haiden Schloithe and Tim Kelly (last year). Some comments from Big Footy: “Is turning heads with his tenacity and ability to hit the scoreboard (26 goals in 19 games). Averages 13 touches but lays tackles and pressures the opposition”, “Has the look, the tats, the personality and the talent. Another going to the combine. Would most likely thrive in front of big crowds. He seems to be a very instinctive footballer. Untapped potential so far”, “I know he is not in the same Galaxy as Dusty but this kid has that dusty strut about him. My mate helps out with the Ressies at SF and says he is also a really top kid. Looks rough but trains hard and takes everything in like a sponge.”, “powerful, but shortish and very savvy mid / half forward.”
  • Pick 66 option: Anthony Wilson, 26 years old, elite level pace and good creativity. Could fill a Davey/Lovett style role and provide small forward depth.

Sydney Stack might also be a good option. Small fast winger/forward.


Is 187 right for Parker? Doesn’t seem “shortish”


Small/medium. I tend to put players in that height range into the category based on style, as it can go either way. So for example I’d never consider Laverde a small forward. But I’d consider Steve Johnson capable of playing small or medium forward.

Won’t keep 34 IMO.
I still think we will try to get higher up the order by bundling a few picks together


Have to get matty lllllloyd!!!

He had an outstanding year last year, but broke his ankle preseason and struggled to hit his straps til latter in the year, this year. He he’d been talked up to be a possible first round selection last year as a bottom ager. Played and stared for horsham in the grand final at 16, in the seniors.

Played 2 games for Vic country. But mainly played for rebels in the tac Cup.

I actually think he fills a need for us. He plays like his brother jake, but more as a hard running winger, who kicks goals. His taller then jake, a better mark, and is a very good user of the ball. Calm and composed under pressure. Been a lloyd he will have elite endurance, you can be sure of that.

Has three clubs interested in him I am unsure which ones. Also have little idea if he would be considered a midrange or late pick.

His brother jake won Sydney bnf, and made the aa top 40. He is an underrated player.

Matty is elligable to play for Vic country as an overage player next year if he doesn’t get drafted


Someone who’s not skinny


I don’t know. Dodorro has never really done this in the past. We have been very conservative when it comes to pick management.

Can we trade future picks still? Cos we are not going any higher than 32 by bundling 34 and 66.

Doubt it.
Gain very little, lose a bit.

Pretty sure we can trade a future 2nd as we have 2.

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Just found this, did anybody listen to it live.
Jackets playing tricks again?


Unless that gets us back into the 1st round (which it won’t) I don’t see much of a point to that. We’d be giving up a lot to advance somewhat earlier into the 2nd round of a draft in which we’re not under any particular pressure to fill any massive list holes.

Saving it for next year gives us more options. We could, for instance, package our two 2019 2nd rounders for a late first rounder, and that would either reset our ‘trading future first rounders’ counter to give us more options in the years following, or use to have another shot at Martin.

Using one of the 2019 seconds this year really cuts down on our drafting/trading flexibility until 2020.


We may have a certain player in mind that we want to move up for, I know of a few names we have talked to which would require a top 20 pick, one of them at worst a pick in that range.

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I know there’s the live pick trading during the draft. But dumb question - when does this other pick trading happen? Can we just do it from now until the draft by negotiation with other clubs?

From now until a week before the draft, and then again on draft night?

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Until November 16 to be specific

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