Pick 48

I’m sure this will be just as busy as the pick 1 thread last year…right?

So most phantom drafts only go to 30 because this low down it gets tougher to predict.

Cal twomey article today suggesting the following kids are likely;
Tom North
James Worpel
Will Walker
Brayden Ainsworth

Worpel seems to be in the top 20 in a lit of phantom drafts, even if he pulled a charlie curnow i doubt he’d fall to our pick. Otherthing of note here is they are all mids. What of the others, any thoughts TAC watchers?

If the talk of this draft being very weak are accurate I would hope we are looking outside the box a lot more to try to uncover a hidden gem from somewhere.

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Im hoping Cassidy Parish falls to us if we miss out on Worpel.

i think someone rated top 30 will fall to our pick, but Dodoro will pick someone from left field we havent heard of.


I want Cassidy Parish.

Speculative pick, but no better environment to thrive than at bomberland with his brother.

Check out his TAC stats - 19 games, 14 times in the best.

is ainsworth related to ben ainsworth

Need a Barlow type in a state league.

Let’s top off a great trade week by plucking a 20-24yr big bodied mid from the VFL/WAFL/SANFL that goes on to be a gun.



I made it a bit clearer for Cassidy’s stats in terms of disposals and disposal efficiency…

Has anyone seen much of Cassidy?

I really hope we take parish too, doesn’t sound like he will be hot property though so probably a reasonable chance to be available with our 2nd pick. Those KIE are probably what has hurt his currency but obviously wins a lot of the ball.

his disposal is awful. those stats don’t align with what ive seen, you’d want hardy on his opposite foot.



Are we talking Dylan Clarke type bad disposal where it’s just terrible action?

Or are we talking about terrible disposal ala Jobe Watson first few years?

Given that we’ve already turned our first two picks into three best 22 players, I hope that we role the dice on a long shot with a huge upside.


Worpel looks to be a great option if he slides, Tom North has a nice highlight from last year at 1:10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKnJsahWhx8&feature=youtu.be. Haven’t seen much other vision of him.

Are there any reasonable KPF or KPD prospects that might be around the mark with 48?

both, bad action, terrible results.

I should add, i’m all for getting him, but i think he slides back to rookie which would be a terrific pick up then. can then spend a couple years fixing his skills, and with a horrible action a nice simple mechanical action could see him improve a lot.

They should sell the list spot to the highest bidder. I will mortgage my house! I am not sure I could compete with Paul Little. What would he pay for a year on the list. Would be a nuggetty little goal sneak as well.


Would rather someone we’ve never heard of than a vanilla type who lasts late because he’s a forgazi.

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Little should provide exceptional delivery…


I think we should be looking at best available inside mid or best available key forward with this pick and next pick.

I reckon someone in the top 20 will slide to our pick, we won’t pick him up, and blitz will melt a little bit.

We need to play this for giggles. It’s pick 48

  • Give it to whoever wins the Tiwi BnF
  • Bring Dane Swan out of retirement
  • Let @benfti have the pick
  • Bring back Dean Rioli

Best inside mid available for mine.

Any chance the cricketer Ed Newman from the Dragons could slip that low? Pretty much an inside mid who loves a clearance, but missed the TAC granny with suspension.