Pick 48


People commenting on possible draftees on Internet forums.


My understanding is that it is always their biggest selling issue of the year.

And why wouldn’t it be. It is the one time they actually have something to offer that most of us know nothing about.

I purchase a copy of this issue every year. All up, I might purchase 3 issues a year. So yes, there is definitely a market.


Here are Lings highlights, this guy uploads a lot of player highlights


Like the sound of Trent mynott and Boris is a huge wrap for him.

However I was very surprised inside footy rate him a worse kick than James warpel.


Both Mynott and Worpel just rush it on the boot most of the time, their actual kicking action isn’t that bad


Also like the sound of north and day - others you’ve mentioned mate.



Do you think either are a chance to last until our pick?


Mynott is a better chance, some clubs really like Worpel one being Brisbane with 2 picks in the 40s although one I believe will be used up for the Ballenden bid


What Boris says goes. Do it disco.


Thanks. It would have been great to have Worpel slip through because I think he’d be a great inside option. I see him as this year’s Mathieson or Parker.

Is it too early to have a go at speculating who we’ll likely pick up?


He is a chance it will depend on other players sliding to those teams that like him aswell

At this stage I’d put money on pick 48 being an Eastern Ranges player but Dodoro can work in mysterious ways and it could be anybody from anywhere


If north, mynott, warpel and Moore are there who would you pick?


Worpel, fits our needs the best. Mynott will take longer but has some good upside as an inside mid


do you rate Joel amartey?


His height is an issue for a ruck and he plays that position better than up forward. He would be a very long term prospect to be able to teach him better forward craft so I think rookie is his best bet. If he was Ryder’s height he would get drafted but still not that high


Cheers will matt day be around at 67? How does he rate to the 4 Kids I asked you about earlier?


Matthew Day is one of those players that could go undrafted but also go top 30 much like Patrick Lipinski last year.

He has a lot of upside and considering he got a combine invite and was picked for the all stars game that would say to me enough clubs are interested In him even more so than Mynott


Sounds like the type Adrian would rate highly tbh


I would love to get Parish Jnr at our first pick, but Worpey would be a pretty good get too. Anyone seen much of them play?