Pick 48


It’s going to be highly confusing if we get Matt Day


Maybe a better chance with a later round.


Matt Day tells a great story about Russell Crowe. Go Russell go!


Anyone care about a drafting less than this one?


I’m thinking it will be a tall, unless someone unexpectedly slips through to pick 48.


Yep… I’m with you. Finding it very difficult to get inspired about this one.

Certainly won’t be doing anywhere near as much pre-draft reading on all the kids. I’ll wait until I know who we picked, and then go research who the hell they are.


yep hard to get excited about it this year.
Parish Jnr and prospect of picking up worpel cheap aside.
But as soon as Benfti does his benfti specials i will probably be hoping we go and pick one of these left field guys with out later/rookie picks.


Very difficult to get inspired by Pick 48 but in context we have already drafted Stringer and Smith (and Saad next year!)… so all the other picks are gravy…

Still not sure how fanta slid to us… but if that could happen again it would be awesome!!


The draft points table on the EFC website is interesting.
It’s official.
Our last two picks are pointless.


Aiden Domic might be our Benfti special, can be up and down but can win a game of his own boot


Isn’t he supposed to go a bit earlier than our pick. I have some interest as he came through the junior club I am associated with.


Havnt heard anyone saying he is a top 50 pick, I’ve heard we are interested not sure at what spot though


We won’t get him.



Highlights look very good. Clean hands particularly. But obviously only highlights.

Standard of TAC Cup is obviously a step down on nationals in terms of pace and pressure etc etc. Did he play Nationals? Looks like a good long term midfield project with good size, with potentially pretty clean hands and pretty good decision making, but a fair way to go until he’d be ready at VFL level, let alone AFL level?


Like a lot. If he is there I’d take him.


Went to look up who he is, and found this site:


Does it have a write up on every game/ player???

Here is Aiden Domic’s bio: https://www.afldraftcentral.com.au/player/aiden-domic/
Certainly sounds like a decent late candidate. Has some weapons, which is what you want, especially endurance and good kicking. Defensive work can be improved. However, is meant to be a bit slow. Sounds a little like a Stanton type.


Played in the trials but didn’t make the main squad but the squad was stacked with good mids, he got a combine invite and played pretty well in the all-stars game so clubs shouldn’t be fussed with his lack of games at the Championships


He is quicker than Stanton and better forward but that’s one of the better comparisons


I think we should strongly consider bypassng all TAC Cup players with this pick and select the best State league player, Tim Kelly, if available. He has such great balance and poise. Plays exactly like a young Daniel Wells. I am also a huge fan of Matt Hanson too, who I hope we get as a rookie.