Pick your best Essendon side 1993-2020

I’ve seen a few of these on Twitter. Thought it would be fun.

Pick your best Essendon FC side from 1993 to 2020.

Must have played 50 games from the 1993 season onwards.

B: Hardwick, Fletcher, Wanganeen

HB: Harvey, Wellman, Thompson

C: Long, J Watson, O’Donnell

Hf: Mercuri, Lucas, Hird

F: Bewick, Lloyd, Salmon (edited)

R: Hille, Misiti, Z Merrett

I; J Johnson, Hooker, Heppell, Rioli

E: Hurley, Goddard, J Daniher, Ramanascus.

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Salmon ?

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Just under 50 games, I believe.

I actually put him In the ruck before I checked the games played… but it didn’t feel right, considering we had him at FF in the glory years.

Really doubt that.
Would have played most of 93-95 plus the year he came back as a veteran.

Unsure on the exact number of games for these guys (and assumed the current player will end up with 50 games) and some sneaky others who may not qualify technically.

FB Hardwick - Hooker - Fletcher

HB Wanganeen - Lucas (better CHB than Pavlich) - Saad

RUCK Ryder (ew) - JWatson - JJohnson

Centre Long - Hird - DSmith

HF Walla - JDaniher - Mercuri

FF Salmon (handy resting ruck) - Lloyd - Bewick

INT Zerrett - Heppell - Goddard - Stringer

47+15, so qualifies

Will have to dump that Hird guy as third tall forward.


Might have to squeeze in the big Fish!

Given David Hille was more solid than spectacular, I think it’s reasonable to give Salmon the ruck spot, despite never actually holding the No.1 spot at Essendon !

John Barnes, ok it was 46 games. But we’re not going to lose sleep over 4 games.

Rule breaker aye ?

Interesting team thread. Really stark the pre and post 2000 eras.

Hird captain and Jobe VC?

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Is it heretical to swap it around the other way?

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No. It’s just correct.

(I got shouted down the last time I suggested this.)

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We have seriously lacked stars. Obviously it helps when your winning Finals. But other than Watson and Z Merrett, we haven’t had many stars.

Z Merrett is probably borderline at the moment… if he can pick up a few more All Australians, and consistently top 5 in the Brownlow, as he’s now entered his Prime. He can put himself along side those great players.

At this stage he’s neck and neck with J Johnson. Merrett has abit more class and doesn’t have Joe Misiti to carry the load.
Not that JJ needed Misiti to do the heavy lifting. He was a bull in his own right.

Edit: but just imagine how good Merrett would be if he was playing along side Misiti.

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Yep when you list it out you feel a little bit sorry for Knights and Woosha and all the grief they have copped.

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Watson’s the only one that would make it.
Rioli plays.
They’d push Zerrett over in the mud and point and laugh, and his kicking is high quality now but pretty standard against the guys he’s up against here.
Maybe a bench spot for Tippa.

Zerrett over JJ is nuts.


The side is a little on the slow side. The team would be better with a couple of McKenna, Winders, Tippa or Raz. They don’t deserve to push the others out, but if you wanted to win in a “modern” game you would need them.

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