Pies Hit 80,000 Members

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COLLINGWOOD has set a footy milestone and an Australian record for having the most fans officially signed on as members.

The black and white army surged to more than 80,000 yesterday - making the Pies the most widely supported AFL club in history.

It also stands alone as the strongest following for any sports club anywhere in the nation.

It comes ahead of tonight's blockbuster against the Hawks with a near sell-out crowd expected to pack the MCG.

Consecutive wins against Essendon and Sydney have been credited with helping the Pies boost its membership pool as fans better position themselves to claim finals tickets.

Collingwood's membership numbers had previously sat at 73,605 last year, a rise of more than 35,000 since 2007.

Chief executive Gary Pert said the breakthrough indicated there was no membership ceiling for the club and was a vindication that Pies fans really did hold a ``deep and unique passion'' for their club.

``We have more than doubled our membership over the last seven years which speaks volumes for the relationship the supporters have with their club,'' Pert said.

He said the club now rated alongside some of the biggest in the world including Real Madrid and German giants Borussia Dortmund.

President Eddie McGuire said it was an amazing milestone.

``It is one of the greatest achievements of our football club and makes me so humble as president,'' he said.

``In the past fortnight especially it has shown the club is coming together with real purpose.''

Less than 3000 reserved seats remained available for tonight's round 21 blockbuster.

AFL spokesman Patrick Keane said urged fans to purchase tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.

He said limited reserved seats remained in the AFL Reserve with members advised to pre-book.

Punters have also been advised to use public transport following the closure of the MCG carpark.

PTV's director of communications Matt Phelan said that football fans should take advantage of the extra trains and trams with limited parking around the MCG.

Before and after the game, extra trams will run frequently between the city and the MCG via Melbourne Park and Wellington Parade.

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How are they doing this? Crazy good number!

They can f*ck right off.

How many thousands of memberships given to sponsors?

How many pets collingwood memebers?

Hell of alot of no shows then.

How many thousands of memberships given to sponsors?


Me thinks their el membre figures look dodgy.

What sort of moron signs up as a member at this stage of the season. They must fit right in with the Black & White army that's for sure.

How many thousands of memberships given to sponsors?

Ding ding ding.
Have they managed to get all 80,000 members to the one game yet?
Dodgier than the fridge in Dank's office.

Pies hit 80,000 members, surely this is on youtube somewhere. :D

I wonder what type of pies were used. :)

Great effort by the Pies. Easily the biggest club in the country. However (and this goes for all clubs including ours) I would like to see a breakdown of those numbers, how many were reserved seat, 3 game, interstate etc

Really impressive effort from the Pies. Well done to them.

Buy a jumper, get a membership

Well done Collingwood. The funds will go directly to the footy department to ensure each player is developed to their potential. Sponsors love access to that kind of number of committed supporters. This will ensure the club will be in the top group for a very long time. EFC and nearly everybody else can only try and keep up with them.

They were advertising it on the scoreboard against us a couple weeks back.

$50.00 for a membership, you get a free scarf and hat and admission to their remaining home games.


Not to mention all of the dog and cat memberships,

Amazing what a flag will do.

Amazing what a flag will do.

In 2011 Collingwood reached 70,000 members for the first time creating a new AFL record, beating the previous AFL record of 58,249 set by Collingwood in 2010

We have pet memberships too.

We have pet memberships too.

I wish I had of known that earlier. I could have got myself one of those and saved some dollars.