Places to buy Coffee Beans

Need more beans!

Where do you get yours from?

Code black next to the Barkly Square shopping centre in Brunswick has a pretty good selection.

Only downside is some of the single origin stuff is really good, but not always in stock.

Plus you can wander down the Bandidos clubhouse, knock 6 times, and tell them you want the ‘good stuff.’


If you’re ever in Albury:

Zo’i Espresso
444 Dean Street Albury

Caffe Amore in Moonee Ponds Central is good
McIvors on the Elizabeth St side of Vic Market

Theres 2 on moreland rd near Sydney rd (in between railway and sydney rd). One is coffex and can’t think of the other one but both have good variety and good prices. The other one is probably slightly cheap and better, it is across the road from Coffex

Griffiths , Mulgrave

Coffee By The Bean.

Hansel and Gretel in Canberra

Red Bean Coffee Roasters. Plenty Rd Preston

I don’t drink coffee but my wife does and she’s a fanatic. She gets hers from Bean Scene in warragul. She gets the orgasmo beans.

Apparently there’s a good place near the Vic markets.

So many to try! Thanks for the tips.

I get mine online at Two roast days per week, pretty much always arrives the following day. Their Espresso Wow! blend is fantastic.

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Pleiku or Buon Me Thuot, best places to pick up coffee in Vietnam.
Well that is where they grow it.

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Pleiku or Buon Me Thuot, best places to pick up coffee in Vietnam. Well that is where they grow it.

And they grow robusta beans in Vietnam…markedly inferior coffee to arabica.

They grow both.


Fairtrade coffee beans, organic, great tasting and assists the farmers with a fare price for their raw beans. There are some roasters who produce fairtrade, but may need to look around

Anyone here given these a nudge?

Lavazza Qualita Rossa Beans


The proud winner of ‘BUMP OF THE WEEK’



The best deal I’ve come across after selling my part of a coffee roasting business is three thousand thieves.

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