Places to stay in Albury?

Howdy fellow bomber fans. I flew to QLD yesterday from Tas to buy a car and am driving to Melbourne…made it to Port Macquarie and stayed the night, hoping to get to Albury today, can anyone recommend somewhere reasonably decent and cheapish to stay overnight in Albury? Or somewhere close to Albury - want to make sure I haven’t got too far to drive tomorrow as need.l to catch the boat home.

Thanks in advance.

Wodonga will likely be cheaper than Albury across the board. You’ll get a cheap bed for <$100 somewhere on High St or Melbourne Rd which will get you back on the freeway pretty promptly in the morning.

If you’re catching the day boat tomorrow then you’ll need to hit the road very early (~3.5hr drive to Station Pier). If it’s the evening sail then you’ll have plenty of time.

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Anyways there’s a solid enough motor inn on the outskirts, off the main road (parfit rd)
Its also an hour closer to melbs

The Lydoun Motel
Address: 7 Main Street, Chiltern Victoria 3683
03 5726 1788

Chiltern is about 40 clicks closer to Melbourne past Albury; this is a nice comfortable Motel just off the Highway.

Big drive from Port Macquarie about 950 kms, but you can do it in under 10 hours.

Drive safe.

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Thanks all - currently 450 km to Albury so will see how I feel as I get closer as to which option I choose…and it’s the evening sailing, giving myself plenty of time

Well if you’ve got time I’d stay in Beechworth or Bright. Make something of the mandated road trip and enjoy the evening in one of the nicer towns in the NE rather than the steaming shithole that is any of Alb/Wdg, Wangaratta or Chiltern.
Slightly out of the way of the freeway yes, but you’ll find a decent bed and a nice feed and can have a poke around town in the morning before heading off again.


If I’m near Wangaratta I always stay at the Milawa Muscat Retreat. Very nice and comfortable accommodation. They do a great breakfast too.

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I’d drive straight through to Melbourne. Not a long way and easy and comfortable

Port Mac to Melbourne not a long way? Really?

Only a lazy 1250 km

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Just a leisurely Sunday drive eh… Hate to think what old mate covers in a big day at the wheel!! :astonished:

I did Townsville to Brisbane in a single trip a couple of times in my younger days. That was about 16 hours of driving as I recall. I don’t recommend it.

Concur with driving past Albury if you can. Plenty of nice towns not too far off the Hume on the Melbourne side of the border.

I usually stay at the Atura in Dean Street.

Along time ago, I did Melbourne to Brisbane without a nap. You could drive really fast up the Newell Hwy then and I was young and reckless. A bit 1700 kms and took me about 20 hours.

Now I struggle to drive from the Marsh to Melbourne without needing a nap. Mrs Fox wants to buy a motor-home and I told her fine if she does all the driving, and I can sleep in the back while she drives. Think she might look for a younger Fox.

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Age, kids and mind numbingly boring dual carriage way.
Solid recipe for a micro sleep.

I drove from Cairns to Hamilton in bugger all time. Miles in QLD was my last stop before Hamilton in Western Victoria with a power nap around NSW somewhere. No doze, redbull and a sprinkle of stupidity and youth on my side :joy:

Not sure why I was in such a rush. Done it a lot slower a few times as well as I love traveling!

Were you the only driver ? That is a very long way ?

Yeah well I drove to Pretoria, South Africa, without even blinking.

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