Plastic bags

FFS Australia, get with it.


Why don’t they just invent a disposable but environmentally friendly bag. Also build the cost into your goods not make me pay for it. Problem solved.

I don’t want to pay for bags

I don’t want to recycle and bring bags.

I’ve shopped at places where they use paper bags. Just do that. It’s like the supermarkets are trying as hard as they can to come up with the dumbest solutions.

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I just don’t see what’s so farking hard about taking a couple of bags with you when you go shopping.


I have a couple of those fabric bags in the car and in my backpack so whenever I go shopping I’m never without. Still have a surplus of plastic bags but just use those for waste, etc around the house.


Yep, same. Five fabric bags in the car, and a pile of the old plastic ones in a cupboard for picking up dog logs from the yard.


This has been the case in Tassie for ages. It’s 15c, who cares.

I have a pile in my car and use them when I remember, if I forget I just buy them.


Can’t believe this is even a thing that is discussed.

Once again, SA is more progressive than the rest of you knuckledraggers.


I have learnt not to believe that anything labelled “compostable” will actually break down naturally.

Media / ABC run story on waste. Fish with plastics in their guts etc etc. Cue (some) people being upset and saying something needs to be done. Something gets done. Outcry by (some) people that this is stupid.

(some) people don’t handle change that well. Your choice, be organises or you buy a bag when you don’t have one. And yes the system can be improved - i.e. if you have collected a whole heap of these bags at home you can return them and get something back if that helps.

I’m in the reusable bags in the boot of the car, or a small foldable carry bag in my work bag camp - so I’m organised. Why? It’s to minimise using plastic bags just because I don’t need them. Not clear if the solution with these reusable plastic bags is a worse solution than the problem they are trying to solve (re: energy, water, compostable etc). There is waste and there is wastage. There is impact/pollution and there is “it don’t look nice seeing bags on the street/beach/water”.

Part of the problem with these issues (climate change being the obvious one) is that the issue becomes politicised and battlelines and sides are formed and picked. This should be a commonsense discussion based on what we want to achieve. And that may come at a cost (time/money/inconvenience). Some things just do.


I think it’s time for a SHEEPLE rant.

Don’t you guys use barrels to carry and store things?


Most of them are locked away in disused bank vaults.

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The whole plastic bag thing was a con from the start.

I am less worried about plastic bags and more worried by the amount of plastic that covers everything I buy. It is almost impossible to buy stuff that hasn’t got plastic all over it.

Meanwhile my daughter loves using straws to drink with. So we bought her some metal re-usable straws from a Tassie company. Now she uses a straw to her hearts content and we just wash it.


see South Ozzies even find novel ways to recycle unwanted bank vaults.


My ■■■■ removing plastic bags is to save the environment all a money making scheme.

and people


And those peoples Pensions, … which would have gone completely to waste.

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Yeah but SA makes up for it with all the tarps they use at the footy.