Plastic bags

An inexhaustible source to recycle the plastics into …

Whilst we are with plastic bags, what about in the fresh food section? What do you put your apples or tomatoes in? They still have plastic bags available there, so why don’t they get rid of those too?


Yep they use paper for shrooms, so…

I still think our tourism campaign should be a bikie with his arms folded staring down the camera, captioned:

“South Australia: I fukn dare ya…”


For most fruit and veg I leave them loose - apples, oranges, bananas, carrots, etc. Some people put a single veg/fruit item in a plastic bag- WTF?

But sure for beans, mushrooms Brussels sprouts etc you need a bag.


Could lead into the statement with a drum roll on a 44 Gallon drum, British paints style…


The whole thing reminds me a little of that US state that went barmy over having to pump their own petrol.

Yeah, apparently a lot of that stuff is compostable but only in a commercial composting facility.

Last year I started seperating soft plastics, composting and using a reusable coffee cup. We also have chooks so they eat a heap of our food scraps. The main item in our bin at the end of the week is nappies. We’d be lucky to have maybe a third of the rubbish bin each week.

It still blows my mind that numpties out there either don’t recycle much at all, or put all manner of ■■■■ in their recycling bins.


You can collect all the soft plastic and recycle at Coles or safeway.

Rode my longboard into town last Saturday with my young bloke
We had a backpack with us & got some funny looks walking around Woolies putting things into it like we were shoplifting
For a couple of loose items I went & got some small bags from the produce section
Only thing that is annoying is we now have to actually buy bags to pick up after our dog whereas in the past we’ve recycled the stash of plastic shoppping bags

I didn’t even think about taking your own bags to the shops until I moved to Darwin in 2012.

I discovered you have to take your own bags and if you don’t it costs a dollar. I thought why don’t we do that in Melbourne.

I’ve moved back and when it finally came up I thought finally here we go. And now I can’t believe how ■■■■■■ we are. We are ■■■■■■■ idiots.

And we think they are thick up north. We are twice as thick.


We got ourselves a couple of compost bins a few years back. The rotating ones. Made a MASSIVE difference throwing all the plant based waste into the compost bins. Went from a large kitchen bin to a small one and only need to empty it every 4-5 weeks. Plus the council have put in some excellent systems with recycling bins and green waste bins to make it easy and better to manage household waste.

We go to the VIC market.

There’s no ban on plastic bags there. If we wanted we could probably come back with 15 plastic bags.

I don’t know why they are just enforcing this at the supermarkets.

Also I live in an apartment so no options for composting.

When my stash of bags runs out I’ll have to buy bin lines. A bin liner is a single use peice of plastic. The shopping bags had at least two uses in them.

These are my thoughts on plastic bags.

After Reboots post on this I wondered if everybody gets the roll of free green recyclable bags from the Council for kitchen green waste as we do down here now.

If not, … they are available to buy.

They would be Ideal, and can then be tossed into the Green waste bin along with the Barkers Eggs for composting.

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If they are the right sort of bin liners, it’ll be win win.


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Next step for me is ditching the bin liner. I think it’s a bit of waste, whats the harm in just rinsing the bin out every now and then.

We have some horrendous habits as a society, I think there are so many areas we can improve with regards to waste.

Ps, apologies. but I’m a pain in the ■■■■ in this space, I drive my family nuts.

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Says the man in a trilby hat!

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Our habit has been to take cool bags & fabric bags, but we usually ended up with one or two of those grey plastic bags which got reused as bin liners thru the week. So yeah, also keen to avoid buying single use plastic bin liners, which would be a step backwards.

Wifey has been pushing the ‘empty more often & wipe it out’ model. Otherwise, we use bio-degradable bags for dog p00, so I guess there are bin-liner equivalents similar to BSD’s suggestion.

I’ve heard others just use a few sheets of newspaper to soak up the mess.