Plastic bags

Mess in the bin you sickos.

Issue isn’t just plastic shopping bags, have a look at the supermarket catalogue and look at all the items that have plastic packaging.

To me one thing they haven’t seemed to address is how this plastic ends up in the ocean in the first place. Somewhere between picking my bin up on the curb and the plastic ending up in the ocean to me is the real issue.

Wouldn’t want business to do things properly though now would we?


Australia is ridiculous. We say we want to save the earth, but apparently having half a dozen reusable bags that you chuck in your boot is all too hard.


wouldn’t (some) be from wind and wash off into storm drains and rivers?

We have a good system down this way now, … a Green bin(Big), … a Recycle (Big), and a Landfill (small).

They also gave us the Kitchen Caddy, and the free green bags for it, and they’re free ongoing.

So, inside I have a big old tv box for all the recyclables, a bin for soft plastics, (take to Coles RedCycle as mentioned), the Green caddy, and another for everything else for landfill.

We put out a half full landfill bin every 6 months, . (no kidding.)

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to put near zero into Landfill.

Also, free e waste drop off at the tip, as well as metals etc. And they are lookiing to produce Methane and Power from all the Green waste seperation.

It’s on track to be a 1st class/best practice model waste management in the Bass Coast.

I’ve had a bit to do with getting it there, (took 5 years ) and we’re very proud of how it’s been embraced here, & is panning out.

EDIT: The most important part of all this, is that there are now no requirements for any binliners in my house, … other than the Bio Degradable greenwaste ones, … everything else is clean and dry.

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Yep, you can just roll most stuff up in newspaper/butchers paper and it will be fine for a couple of days. I have chooks, so most green stuff goes to them, the rest into one of two compost bins which I rotate over as they fill up (plus lots of chook poo!). I take care to recycle my stuff properly (I even cut the plastic rings on bottles to make sure they don’t get caught on things if they do end up in the water. Soft plastic goes back to Coles for recycling. My normal rubbish bin I prefer to call the “landfill rubbish” bin to remind people where it ends up. I live in Eltham, so the local hippy council does the green bin every week and alternates the landfill bin and recycling bin every two weeks. I find that my landfill bin only has one or two small bags in it every fortnight, so I often throw excess green waste in there if I need to (the green bin does not hold all my grass clippings if I mow front and back yards.

I fully credit the ABC “War on Waste” program with getting me to shift my diligence on this stuff.


From personal experience, you get weird looks carrying a skateboard round a shopping centre even if you don’t have a backpack lol

Only if you’re over 12.

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So someone should magically invent a bag that is both incredibly cheap to manufacture and completely biodegradeable, so that you can continue to be lazy and and not have to take any responsibility for your own effect on the world.

You do realise that paper bags aren’t exactly the most environmentally friendly method either right?

You come across as entitled, selfish and petulant in response to the idea that you might have to do something slightly different to the way you’ve always done things. Despite the way you’ve always done things having long term harmful effects and existing purely to appease your own expectations of convenience

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Other things that don’t help:
Lazy fisher people
Lazy beach goers
Lazy boaties (from tinnies to trawlers to freighters)

I’m built like Mark Johnson and look like Hurley before he shaved so might struggle with passing for 12 haha

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We dont put much in our waste bin, compared to before we got green waste…

when mow lawns 1/2 fill up green waste bin
most food packaging - cardboard, glass bottles etc goes into recycling

Waste is more general kitchen waste and small plastic rubbish, teabags, cat litter goes in outdoor waste bin too, but yeh thats extra plastic bags, plus for bin liners.
We probably usually have less than half full waste rubbish bin, but recycling close to full and green waste depends on the time of year, ie now grass isnt growing much, but other times its every week and also pruning lemon trees, percimons and plum trees.

We are also going to try and use cloth nappies for our next child/ren, partly due to cost, partly due to waste, partly because we are having twins.

It’s also worth noting there is a difference between ‘degradable’ and ‘bio-degradable’. Part of the issue of the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” is that lots of plastic (including many of the heavy, re-usable shopping bags now of offer at the supermarkets) degrades/disintegrates down to small plastic flakes/particles and that is part of what is entering the food chain after being swallowed by fish/birds/etc.

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Or you know. I want the people responsible to come up with a sensible solution.

Would be good if shops go back to paper bags, for people that are too lazy to carry their own bags, and they can still charge for the paper ones :slight_smile: .

even just buying mushrooms the other day, so many chopped and plastic wrapped varieties, and only a hand ful of brownpaper bags, to select your own.

Forgot the point of the post …

The most important part of all this, is that there are now no requirements for any binliners in my house, … other than the Bio Degradable greenwaste ones, … everything else is clean and dry.

Yep, same here!

We get them. Into the green waste bin every second Monday.

And the stupid just went up a level. Coles to supply bags indefinitely. Wtf will people change their behaviour if they don’t have to?