Political Correctness


I am a bit of a Noel Pearson fan I must admit. I quite like his suggestion for a two day ‘holiday’ - 25th being the before and 26th being the after. An opportunity to recognize, celebrate and reflect on the achievements of both.


Are you suggesting the white man should impose another date on indigenous Australia?

I’m simply asking for people to agitate for something, not against something.
Who knows, I might even get behind it.
And if not then at the very least we have something to discuss.
‘Not this’ and ‘not anything’ won’t get us anywhere.

Is a proposal really that much to ask for?


Hell yes to this.


Good point, this one. Suppose the date is changed, how will that help the aboriginal plight? For interests sake, I have no strong feelings one way or the other on which date AD is held.


No. ‘Us’ is inclusive.

Think about this: the day is simply a horrific one for part of our country, right?

So let’s change the date, right?

But let’s not do if for the sake that it’s awful, but because we’ve thought of a better one.


Weekend Australian has two excellent pieces - one by Luke Slattery and one from Pearson - on Australia Day. Both well worth the read.


I’m not even talking about the practicalities.
Symbolism is important, I accept that.

But no, I’m saying you would simply have two days of protest instead of one.
Invasion Day is not going away, and in my opinion shouldn’t.
Call me a cynic, but I think now you would have another day of noninclusive, white, elitist, grave dancing, celebrations.

I mean, I thought that previously and I’m not in any way pleased to have this year reinforce that.


By your reasoning that shouldn’t be difficult.



Do you get what I’m saying?

It sounds very ‘privileged’ to suggest we change the date to one that works for you and you can get behind rather than acknowledging how ■■■■ it is for other Australians and that’s why it should be changed.


And…as to inclusive…
Are we really suggesting a different date is inclusive to the Greeks, the Italians, the Vietnamese and so on?
Never mind the ‘elitist’ convicts sent to hell on the other side of the world, but let’s be honest, they’re not really being invited to celebrate 70.000 years of indigenous ‘history’ either.
At all.
Let’s be careful about how we throw around the word ‘inclusive’, yeah?


Do you get what I’m saying?
I’m asking for indigenous Australia to come up with a day that’s worth celebrating.
Any day.
Out of 365 days of the year.
Because they don’t like this one.

And you’re telling me that’s unfair.


You’re off on a trip now.

I meant it’s up to all of us to change the date. Not just Aboriginal people.

But wow too


Wow all you like.
And if we decide on one that indigenous Australians don’t like?
What then?


The date that comes next doesn’t change the need to scrap the one we have.


Well, it does.
Can we at least get them to the table on this?


What? Explain why they must come to consensus on a new dates that works for you (bring you a solution) and them and then you’ll listen to their issue about why this one is bad? How is that in anyway fair or just?


And as if they haven’t been begging for a place at the table!!!

Uluru statement??


I know why this one is bad.
I also know why it’s appropriate.

But leaving that aside, are you really suggesting that this is not an indigenous issue?
One that doesn’t need input from the indigenous community or even a friggin’ proposal?
Perhaps you’re actually onboard with abolish Australia Day? It sounds like it.

We’ll just not celebrate any achievements this nation has made until we figure out what is okay and when.

Edit: you’re a mean man for making me google.


Seems pretty vague, but if the indigenous community want to get behind the 26th of May 2017 then…okay.
At least that’s something to discuss.

Good luck.


Sounds like?

You’re actually listening?

There is a proposal - don’t celebrate Australia Day on Jan 26. It’s not the right day and it’s divisive and was horrific for our peeps. That alone hasn’t been heard yet and you want them yelling something more complicated and nuanced proposal out to the masses about a day they have selected? Honestly, do you think we’re ready for that?

I’m done because this is now a bit ridiculous.