Political Correctness


I don’t think you’re applying the same standard to both.

But here’s something more interesting.


In USA last Monday it was a Federal Holiday for Martin Luther King Jr Day. If you ask Americans about it, it does make a difference and does help, to celebrate a great man who was responsible for changes in civil rights.

Abandoning Australia Day and making it a holiday of reconciliation would perhaps have the same effect.


That’s not remotely the same thing.
I’m repeating myself, but I’m in favour of further recognition/celebration.

Out of interest, what are the important days of Native American recognition over there?



That’s cool!

Edit: Lol. They use it instead of Columbus Day.


I’m a simple guy so just put it to a vote. Then I can rock up, tick my box and shuffle off.
I personally think it’s all kinds of comical having on the 26th, but if we vote for having a 90 year old who whips out a black rod for mostly white men then surely we can vote on this.
The basic tenet that underpins it is no different.

Ok so black rod isn’t what I thought it was. But she definitely whips something long and hard out.


With a vote comes campaigns.

Supposedly they lead to respectful discourse too.


It’s a ■■■■ up and a day off for the hangover. Change the date and nobody doing that will even remember in a year. Bogan party at best.


Apart from the citizenship ceremonies, the honours, and the family events.
I guess.
Seems a pretty…metro attitude to me.


Would anyone give a stuff if they moved to Jan 1, or July or April?

Nobody cares about the honours list at all, unless Tone abet does a funny by knighting a prince.


You mean the one posted by Australian Liberty Alliance?

As meaningful as a vox pop on penalty rates posted by the Institute of Public Affairs.


I can assure you that the country cares a lot about the honours.
I’m talking about the pissy little OAM’s to the lady who ran the tuck shop for fifty years, not your bauble handed to Fitzpatrick.
They’re proud as punch about them, and if you think that’s a bogan attitude then you can go and sip your friggin’ latte.


Is your argument that they would value it less if they got it on Jan 25 or 27?


If you pay attention you’ll see what it was a direct answer to.
But in short, no.


Alright. noted. I’ll change that to “not many” people care, but I still contend nobody cares when it’s announced (media have it, under embargo, well before the 26th).
We announced a bunch in November, which caused such a huge media furore I hadn’t even registered it.
And there’s another batch on not-the-queen’s-birthday, every year.
And the bravery medals are done in March (ish) and sometimes September too.
In short, it’s all over the shop.

If it could all be done at a time that didn’t interrupt the cricket on 774, that would be great.


Can’t recall ever celebrating it. I just want a public holiday.


I would actually be all for recognising every clan group individually with a public holiday.


Well I’m sure that’s a response to someone’s post, just not mine.


Ha, country born and bred, working class, surrounded by boganity. And to be clear I differentiate strongly between bogans and people who grow up (usually) white, unwealthy and choose not to subscribe to that narrow path. Was just being a bit flip.

That said any sanctioned date that can be effectively monopolised by nationalists of all classes is a day of stink. As if you can’t have all of those things without the national pride bulldust and the heavy salting of the biggest wound in our shared history on this continent. Lil Johnny can claim ownership of the brand of stink too as far as I’m concerned.


You’re old enough to remember ANZAC Day in the eighties, I presume?