Political Correctness

What is Youtube’s position on Holocaust deniers?

It says it in the post above yours


Up there with flat earthers


What about “jet fuel doesn’t melt steel beams”?

I saw a demo of heating construction steel beams to about 900 deg C; while it seems this steel melts at about 1500 deg C, it gets pretty rubbery at 900 deg C, and most building and bridges using steel to hold them up would probably fall over. The scientist doing the demo stated that Jet fuel depending on the grade burns between 900 and 1500 deg C.

But of course a CIA inspired conspiracy is much more interesting.

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That and the weight of 30 floors of the building above even weakened beams…I could understand why it collapsed…and there being such an incredible honeycomb of underground tunnels and railway tracks underneath the complex, I could understand why Building 7 collapsed after the big two 100-story buildings did.

I had a similar situation with an uncle who was part of air raids over Berlin or something, but I’ve never researched it that far.

I don’t know if I could hate the nazis, most of them thought they where doing the right thing.

But those munted ■■■■■ who were walking through St Kilda throwing up Nazi solutes are disrespectful dicks. I can only imagine what my grandfather would have thought if he saw it.

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One of my favourite twists of history is that the ANZACs fought a tank battle against the Nazis on the exact same ground that the 300 Spartans held off the Persians.

Also, the Rats of Tobruk had a little bit of contact with the Nazis.

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There are still ISIS recruitment videos on Youtube, have Youtube said anything about trying to remove those? They mention ‘Nazism’, and then don’t name anyone who is a Nazi. Does Nazi mean something else now?

Well it was CNN writing a story, not Youtube issuing a statement. So wait for clarification I guess.

FWIW Youtube take those videos down as soon as they are flagged, the ISIS ones. Been doing it since 2014.

Saucy pulls the victim card in relation to Nazis yet again. I mean come on dude.

One doth protest too much.

I wasn’t blaming CNN, I was genuinely asking if they had said anything about them. There is heaps of ISIS propaganda on Youtube, far more than any other. The Nazism headline got me hooked, and I was trying to find who they were talking about.


Sorry I thought you meant soldiers. Yes I would be happy to cop 15 years and spray them with napalm.

Kind of read like you thought it wasn’t fair they were pulling the Nazi ones if they didn’t pull he ISIS ones.

You’ve complained about a dozen times about people or the media going after the extreme right. Usually by complaining that they don’t deserve the label Nazi.

It’s getting old.

Alex Jones isn’t a Nazi though. He is a conspiracy theorist and a nut. But he isn’t a Nazi. Nazi is a very specific term. It gets thrown around by the left so much now, I don’t think people know what it means.

You can say far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

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I wouldn’t call Jones a nazi.

Also a really big plane flew into the side of it.

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I don’t like the way people use the word Nazi nowadays. If someone has conservative views they are labelled a Nazi, and all Nazis must die. I think it sets a very dangerous precedence.

I don’t defend Nazis, and I never have. I just think people need to be careful when using that word to label someone.