Political Correctness


I agree that not all opinions on all subjects can be treated with the same weight for a specific purpose - given qualifications.
If that’s what you were trying to say.

If, on the other hand, what you were trying to say is exactly as you wrote it, it comes across as an elitist bullshit-artist looking down on others you are assuming rightly or wrongly, have a lesser understanding of the subject than yourself.


JNo, I’m saying that there is a massive difference between an informed opinion and an opinion that is born of something else.

Take Islam for instance, people are forming opinions on that religion based off the ■■■■ the media feed them.

I’d rather get my info from theology scholars and Islamic people

If that makes me an elitist then then color me elite.

In this instance I’m seeing people use examples of pretty fluffy degrees and extrapolating it as representative of the current state of universities.

That’s wrong, they are the minority. I’m currently completing a science degree at my second university. (My first was computer science finished in 99 and it’s useless today) but that’s the industry’s fault not the unis, and my wife is a professor at another so I’m pretty well versed at what a few unis are offering and how they are still relevant, and there is no way known I could “life experience” or “masterclass” what I’m learning or what my wife teaches


Knowledge is power, education is key, anyone who is trying to dissuade a person from getting an education is trying to minimise the amount of power a person can have the uneducated are easier to control


I feel like there’s been a running current whereby educated = elite = bash ‘em

Every pollie since Keating has run this stupid, very transparent and absolutely cynical bloke-next-door image.


I find it staggering how many intellectuals in this thread have taken ‘some uni degrees leave a lot to be desired’ to ‘all uni is ■■■■ and screw intellectuals’.

bunch of sensitive nerds.


Consider this.
Your above reasoning leads to the conclusion that providing you are receiving your info from those you believe are best able to give you the most accurate advice, your side of the argument will undoubtedly be right.

That’s a bit dangerous.


Isn’t more dangerous to get your info from less informed sources?


It would depend what you did with that information, and how it affected you.


It’s hilarious how some can talk up their own intellect, while continuing to miss the point each time.


Complete with creative spelling…


There is no objectivity in asking a religious person about their religion, you’ll get as much objectivity from a mother, when talking to her about her children.

You are assuming people who condemn islam, are not very well read on the subject. I believe it is the complete opposite.


Any excuse



Well I would disagree with that. There are Christians who are deeply knowledgeable about their religion and its history and also very capable of viewing that history objectively. I am sure there are similar Islamic scholars. Just as many Essendon supporters are deeply knowledgeable about the Essendon Football Club and also able to describe the club and its history in an objective manner. Not all of them, but some of them.


I swear people pull these stats out of their ■■■.


28% of them do.


Hence why you speak to Islamic people and then people who are not Islamic and well read on the subject, like theology scholars.

If would be flawed research to not speak to people of Islamic faith when wanting to learn
about Islam.

And in my experience most people who are anti Islam either done no research, got it all from hate sites or are completly driven by confirmation bias.

It’s interesting how lacking in critical thinking skills they are.


First they came for the marketers, and I did not speak out.
Becuase I was not a marketer.


Lol, maybe I wouldn’t have failed ethics if I could have watched the lectures online. For starters it was on at 8:30am on Monday’s (which felt unethical in itself), but the lecture theatre was too small so if you didn’t get there in time to get a seat you had to leave and you missed out. Effing ridiculous, fark ethics I say.


You said people are forming opinions on islam, based off what the media ‘feeds’ them. There is endless information / scholarly articles about islam, that exposes islam and people have access to it and form their option based on that.

To say they are ill-informed or just believe what the media tells them, is rather naive.


I swear some people don’t believe there’s a gap