Political Correctness


So school kids are ‘striking’ on a Friday by not going to school because of climate change.


I used to call it wagging.


I think it’s great to see children being politically active. Bodes well for the future.

Maybe a little naive, but hey they are children.


They are all going to an actual organised protest


Green light from the Senate.
I don’t see anything worth getting upset about here.
The school year is over anyway.


You think so? Some of the year 11 and 12 kids may actually know something about what they’re protesting about, but there are children from primary school who only know what they’ve been told.


And this is the point. It sounded to me like you were saying anyone who has a negative view of Islam, is uniformed and just gets their information from the ‘bias news’ (Only hears about Islam in relation to suicide bombings, rape gangs, beheadings, clitoral mutulation, etc.)

To me it sounded like you were saying that theology scholars would only say good things about Islam, which was the thing I disagreed with, there are plenty who would say things in a similar tone as the ‘bias news’. I agree you should read both.

I read as much as I can, from both sides and form my opinion that way, in fact I don’t even watch tv news. Stop calling people uninformed if they have a different opinion to you.

And in relation to Adam Saad, you said the news is a bias source, I’m saying Saad’s opinion would also be considered rather biased. So listen to both and form your opinion that way, think for yourself, because there is bias in almost everything you read.

Anyway, It really wasn’t an argument about Islam, just disagreed with something you said. I have to get back to work, because I went to university and have a very important job, that requires my full attention.


Er no they are in the middle of term.

I don’t think I support that. Not the topic but the action of choosing an issue and going on strike.

It’s the wrong message. Go after school or during school holidays.


Year 12 is well and truly done, and the rest of them are doing basket-weaving busy-work.


I’d argue they will learn more from participating than not. At least learn a lesson around the right to be politically active whatever their political leanings are when they grow up.

A general comment rather than anything you said Shelton. But I allways find it amusing that those on the libertarian said of things value free will so much. But whenever there is people doing something positive on the left side of the political spectrum it must be becuase of immaturity or brainwashing by lefty teachers or the media. You can’t have it both ways free will is free will.


It’s about not going to school.

So little Johnny why didnt you attend school last week.

“I was on strike miss… For the insert political issue of the day”

Poor precedent is what I think it is.

Excursion yes. Strike no.



We debated all yesterday life lessons vs school.

Kids go live some life and now it’s should have been in school.


There are so many school days lost during the year to complete garbage.
I have no problem with a day of political activism.
Some of them might learn something about politics and media.


Really? You had a pretty poor experience at school then.


I had an Awesome experience at school.
I think you might have forgotten what the last three weeks of the year are like, though.
And I think something like this is a much better experience than pottery, double math, phys ed and oh our history teacher isn’t here today. Just do some study.


Resisting KFC is my struggle these days.


at our kids school they get in someone from another country come down for once a week and they basically just go from class to class, pop up in assembly, and have a billion questions thrown at them. Which is fine cause when you only speak mandarin you don’t really have to come up with any answers.


Fair enough, though I don’t think speaking to someone because they are biased means they aren’t able to speak on the subject.

It’s like saying don’t talk to Essendon supporters about Tippa, they are biased.

As for being worried about bias influencing opinion, that’s warranted, but to that end I feel like worrying about bias means you probably have a pre determined opinion already.

Ie “if you want to learn the truth about Islam, don’t talk to a Muslim, they all think it’s great” kind of says a person doesn’t want to hear anything positive.


That is, to be fair, almost exactly what you do, Ben.


that is true to an extent, but try to be a cross all sides of a discussion before I chime in.

I’ve got no problem listening to someone who has informed bias. What I have a lot of trouble with is listening to the views of someone who has uninformed bias.

It’s like people who argue with my wife about climate change, and they go “oh, your biased because your a scientist”

Which is weirdly true and idiotic at the same time. ■■■■■■■ oath she’s biased, because she’s a scientist, but only an idiot should ignore her opinion on it for that reason

People ignore my opinion on players because they feel I’m biased towards aboriginal players, which is probably true, but it would be remiss to Ignore my opinion on a indigenous player.

Again, I’m going to pushed back on informed bias, this is really about what does one person consider to be an informed opinion vs another.


You people think too much