How does someone who is ineligible manage to be there for 10 years?


Good question.

Parliament will be poorer without him.


And this is why you get people to ruthlessly vet your preselected candidates. Suspect it would have been caught these days, but back in 2006 things in the Greens were a fair bit more lackadaisical.

He had no choice but to resign, but yeah, this sucks. He was the best parliamentary Green by a fair way in my opinion, walked the line between someone like Rhiannon who is all principled outrage and not enough brain, and Di Natale who is the reverse. With any luck he sorts the citizenship thing out and makes a return in some way.



I'd add that he has shown the utmost integrity in addressing the issue as well.


I was wondering if her and the NSW Greens chastisement & banishment may have had something to do with this suddenly just now coming to light??


@benfti R U OK?


I get the feeling this may be some way off given his recent struggles and time away from office.

The senate will definitely become a very interesting place without him.


The Senate will be a better place without him.


I would've thought this was an AEC thing to check? Is it really the politcal parties who check this out themselves?


Predictable and sad.


I should have said that the Senate would be a better place without all Greens; but getting Ludlam gone is a good start.


Yep. Better that labor be allowed to turn in to the liberal party without the uncomfortable reminder that the workers they used to represent still need actual representation.


The Greens will nominate his replacement, so your mob will be cruelly denied the opportunity to give the next Mark Arbib or Martin Ferguson a chance to shine, Bacchus...


I heard it would be decided by a recount of the 2016 ballot??


That will be the second recount for WA Senators.


Recount and the third Green on the 2016 ticket will get up.


You know people get all worked up by the politically educated feds and to some extent the states. I don't really think there's enough distinction between the two as both parties are bought anyway.

Its local government where all the damage is done. Grubby and corrupt as hell.

Anyone who thinks our political system is the.envy of the world is either a politician themself or drunk too much of their cordial.


I liked Martin Fergusson. Thought he was aptly pragmatic.

Ludlum seemed ok. For a Green. (Lol. Just winding you up, Green Blitzers. Kinda).

Lee Rhiannon is an absolute nutter imo.


Nope they will do a recount. The next Green on the ticket should win that.

I just get annoyed at this lauding Ludlam for his honesty and integrity.

He is either stupid or dishonest, and when he was told the gig was up he made it look like a big surprise! What bullshite


How would someone know if they kept their previous citizenship once becoming citizen if another country?

Honest q