In the SSM debate, Cathy McGowan( Independent
Indi, rural) pointed out to Katter that most of rural/ regional electorates voted Yes and that the greatest concentration of No votes was in Sydney.


As a former Victorian I’ll happily defend them against elitist southern trolls


Turnbull saying that some Parliamentarians ( other than Coalition) are CLEARLY dual citizens. Pre-empting the High Court yet again. The former Solicitor General might not hold that view.


Just before the marriage vote the Govt slipped out info that 1 in 3 big companies pay zero tax. LOL.


Noticed that.

Fkn Lieberals, … what do you expect?


And people are worried about amazon?!


As high as that? I would be very surprised if it was 33%. I suspect even yet another further Tory lie.

Depends what you mean by “big” but AFAIK there are not many very big companies paying their share of tax (at least for now) apart from the banks.


Big Fark you to Tone and his little clique of dickheads. Adani looks like going down the tube. Sense has prevailed late in the year against all effort to screw decency. If I could ask anything of 2018 it would be to start recognising renewable energy at a federal political level rather than letting industry and state governments push against the tide of bullshit. That and going after tax frauds. And, I don’t mean some struggling pensioner. Oh, and, water corruption along the Darling river. That’ll do for now. Plenty more though.


Vote 1: HMG!


The new President of the Senate is an EFC member ( at least that’s what he put on his disclosure form , never answers any of our requests) . Threaten him with revocation of his membership if he does not attend to your bucket list


How’s this. The whole plebiscite thing was basically Abbott’s idea. After it got up he spent all his time arguing for ammendements and not being happy about the bill. All the way up until the last minute. When it came time to vote? He scuttled away and abstained. The ■■■■ stain on Australia’s budgie smugglers and the suppository of wisdom.


geez, peter cosgrove could’ve at least pretended to be excited about signing the bill. was like he was regrettably signing over his house to an ex-husband.

and who would’ve thought this whole fiasco would make me almost like bookshelves brandis, what a wild ride.



I have agreed with Christopher Pyne on 3 non-consecutive occasions in the past week. It’s disturbing.



Hope you did not agrees with him on his trashing of Christina Keneally , referring to her as the servant of Obeid and co, when she was the one who unleashed the IBAC dogs


I certainly did not, hence the “non-consecutive” caveat.


More dirt in Dastyari in a Fairfax article this morning. He’s lucky parliament isn’t sitting this week because he probably wouldn’t survive. The situation may have reached the point where Labor has to cut him loose anyway.


It’s OK to sell the Port of Darwin to the Chinese.


According to Dutton,… he’s a"DOUBLE AGENT!!" Lol,… What a fkn tool.

I wonder if this dolt actually puts his own shoes on in the morning?


Give us the phone tap tapes then and tell us if they are legal, like the ones the AFP had on the journos.
If Dastyari didn’t have access to classified material, are you saying that Shorten passed them on?
Nothing wrong with Billson accepting Franchise salary while a Minister ( and look at the damage Franchise companies are doing), nothing wrong with Wooldridge joining a medical company as soon as he stopped being Minister for Health, nothing wrong with Robb being paid by a Chinese company for doing SFA after resigning as Minister for Trade.
More like double standards than double agent.
At worst, Dastyari did some lobbying for the Chinese. .it’s OK for Danby to use electoral allowances to lobby for Zionist causes and to take freebies from the Israeli Government.
Dutton has lied before on refugee issues and has been caught out, with taxpayers footing the bill ( not Dutton), Why has Dutton not been referred to the Privileges Committee?