I know Labor had a good vetting process but like anything it relies on information supplied and I am confident all Labor members will be OK, except I hope for Feeney.

He is a pig of a bloke and I would rather vote Greens than him, actually I might even vote for Pauline before him. Labor will be better without him


He could/should have just said “Mate”, … but seriously, … when journos go so desperately & obviously for the “Gotcha” moment in an effort to big note themselves and their careers … they really do come across as Maggots.


maggot defends maggot.

surprise that.


Strike another off the dubious list


Joyce is in parliament having a crack at those in question over dual citizenship still using their vote. This guy is seriously farked in the head.


Cocksmack of the highest order.


Shorten will weasel word his way around the questioning of his solid process.


You are so full of ■■■■■


So is Shorten, maybe they could go on a date?


Seriously IT you are better than that.


Is shorten?


“Shifty Shorten is totally shifty!”


On a scale of 1 to Bill Shorten, how full of ■■■■?

Like he’s never weaseled his way out of stuff.


Boy you are grumpy these days, it was a joke dude.


LOL Was this guy a union member at some stage?


Bob Katter making a ■■■■ out of himself again…


He’s my local member, but don’t believe we are all that backward thinking up here in FNQ, regardless of what Bacchus thinks.

Mind you, I was born & bred within walking distance of Windy Hill , so that might account for my normality. And I did live in Essendon for a lot longer than Steve Irwin, who lived around the corner from me, but buggered off when he was 7


Warren Ensch is a shining light up north.


You’re right, there’s plenty of intelligent progressive types in NQ, including those born and bred there. They’re often not the most visible or vocal though. The opposite might be said of the southern states and cities, where some would talk as if the bogan redneck has long since departed, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary.



Born and bred NQ folk progressive !!

It only takes two Victorian to move to Cairns and the IQ doubles.