Poll Hurley/Carlisle Forward or Back

Choose your own adventure let the Fans decide. Interested to get a BBlitz % on this question.

It’s about time this was addressed

We will show Thompson who makes the decisions around here.



carlisle fwd, hurls back


will not melt the membership though if he moves hurls fwd in place of Ambrosey with Carlisle back

Forward structure with Bellchambers/Ryder Joe Dan is perfect. No need for an extra tall.

Hooker takes best forward, Fletch floats loose.

I would rotate Hurley/Carlisle between playing on the 2nd key forward and midfield/wing. Both are great at setting up the play, Hurls especially. Wouldn’t have the tank to play up to ground all game but rotating between KPD and midfield should be manageable.

Then sub out a tall for a runner in q3

With the list as it stands now and for balance. 
Hurley fwd around JD and Belly/Ryder


When Fletch retires... Hurley back and either Ambrose/other into that spot.  Dont think we can run the 3x 200cm (or near enough) kpf. 
Although if Hurley doing really well (and his body and hands/wrists appear not to be troubling him now) find another defender to come in post Fletch which would be easier than finding a forward.   Steinberg?  Frawley?  etc. 

Hurley and Carlisle both back is the best set up. Reckon they play their best footy as defenders. Fletch is the problem regarding balance. Of the two, Hurley would do better forward since Carlisle has not embraced that role at all. But Hurley is playing his most consistent footy this year for a long time. Hate to disrupt his form but if we want Carlisle in the side then Hurls may have to go forward, but he has to lead more rather than wrestling one on one under the high kicked ball.

This should be a pole.




Indigenous round.  Indigenous pole dancer.

I'm happy to stick at it for the rest of the year. If it continues to not work by finals we swap to add an element of unpredictability.  

I chose the bottom option: other. Otherwise known as the FFS! option…

Where is the Hocking option?


Where's the Hurley and Carlisle both forward option?


Both in defense.

Trade Hurley for Cameron.


I don’t FKN know!

Joe back, Hooksey forward.

Joe back, Hooksey forward.


The beachcomber is all we need forward.

In an ideal world where we had a quality full-time forward, both back but in the current situation, Hurley FWD, Carlisle back.