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Never doubted it for a second

OFFICIAL Match day thread v Tarps
OFFICIAL Match day thread v Tarps



4th week in a row that I’ve picked us wrong…looks like I need to pick against us every week

Correction…just checked my tips on footytips.com and I actually picked us…so there goes that theory


Pls keep Stringer forward. Thx.


The toughest opponents are all the negative posts here. Glad we got over them today.


Good performance.
Let’s see if we can back it up next week.
Will be interesting to see.


Hooker back and Stringer forward works.

Who would have thunk it?


Shoutout to Woosha, now THAT looked like a well structured team


Can we play South Australian teams every week?


Good performance great to get the win but still saw a lot of the errors from our last two games that stopped this being a real statement win. Hopefully they build on this and we get the season rolling


Knew we’d win today! Following the see sawing flow of the season that we’ve come to expect!!

Good work though boys all the same. Now please let’s bring that same endeavour against the Pies!


Well - SA are officially our ■■■■■■■


I never usually worry one way or the other about umpiring, but today I thought it was beyond terrible.
So many missed frees to both sides, and capped off by not awarding Zerrett a round the neck free at the end.


Kept our composure in the last quarter, which was great.


Well in a strange way it has been a thoroughly predictable year so far


Who’d have thought playing an AA key defensive player in defense works


Isn’t it amazing what we can achieve when we apply pressure and have something resembling a work rate.


Well done to the players. They copped a hammering during the week. People were angry (and they had a right to be!) That’s the best reply. But in my view they need to follow that up by beating the resurgent Pies next week. And the biggest test will be when they play Carlton in a few weeks time!


Great comeback after last week. Hooker makes a massive difference to the backline; him and Hurley together give such a solid platform to start the run from half-back. If Joe can click, we will have a great season.


Beautiful bombers

Now that effort and pressure is the standard.

No more false dawns. This HAS to be the start of something