Post-draft Best 22


that is a terrible comparison and not even close.


Comparing Myers and stringer is one of the worst comparisons I’ve heard

I can’t even. Carry on


no one rates an essendon player quite like an essendon fan.


Stringer and Myers?

My god!!!


Myers will have a greater positive impact on this club next season. Bookmark it.


VFL B&F supporting the kids like Hocking just did


Clinging onto a myers career turnaround harder than gumby.


When Myers came back to the VFL he was a massive standout. Probably played 2 of the best games by any player in the VFL team all year, but he could not sustain it at AFL level.

14 VFL Best game of the season. 32 possessions, 12 clearances and three score assists. -
15 VFL Massive with 35 touches, seven clearances and nine inside 50s. Recall looming. -
16 Coll Wingman grabbed a lazy 31 disposals, added five clearances, five inside-50s and four tackles. Impressive running.

Struggled to maintain that form in the AFL from that point. May have had a niggle.


Who says he needs his career to turn around for me to be right?


I’m just trolling guys. I’m glad the club took a gamble on Stringer. I mean, I won’t be buying a membership for my daughter this year, but I’m sure we’re going to see the best of Jake in 2018.


Myers played just fine each game excluding the bit where he had to dispose of the ball. For whatever reason, to my eyes, he was woeful.


Pretty much this, Shuffling of players to suit different op involved. But thats about the it for mine


with the style of footy we play, you cannot have garbage disposal. its far too costly.


B: Baguley, Hartley, Saad
HB: McKenna, Hurley, Gleeson
C: McGrath, Heppell, Zaharakis
HF: Stringer, Daniher, Fantasia
F: McDonald-Tipungwuti, Hooker, Stewart
R: Bellchambers, Z.Merrett, Parish
INT: Goddard, Smith, Francis, Langford

For pure midfielders it is a little short, but a lot rides on Stringer getting super-fit enough to be able to rotate through there (I still then he is a fwd/mid rather than mid/fwd), Langford or Laverde emerging, Parish and McGrath enjoying greater responsibility. There are plenty of very good players outside my best 22, so depth will be insane. That forward line is damn sexy though!! :heart_eyes:


With the delistings retirements and recruictment you need the full list to work that out.


Will have a little go;

Baguley Hurley Gleeson
McKenna Ambrose Saad

Bellchambers Myers Zerrett
Zaharakis Heppell McGrath

Stringer Daniher Stewart
Fantasia Hooker Walla

Int: Colyer, Goddard, Smith, Parish

*Ideally Langford takes Myers’ place ASAP, hopefully they think he is ready, and that time is Round 1. Franga too when the time is right would go straight in.

Bit stiff for guys like Green, Begley and Leuey, but we can’t fit everyone in. A good show of depth at least


ok FWIW this will prolly not be the round 1 side, but i hope it is the finals side
Expecting Francis & Laverde to improve significantly, and be contributors.
Stringer/Laverde share midfield/forward role.

B: Saad Crossfit Francis
HB: Gleeson Polar Bear Irish
C: Pigeon Heppell Devon
HF: Ivan Drago Daniher Stewart
F: Tippa Hooker Razzle Dazzle
R: Orange Capri pants Zerrett Stringer
Int: Parish Pretzels Zaka Fridge

Depth/Injuries Corgi, Baguley Langford Myers Colyer Mutch, Ridley


This side i likey


What are everyones thoughts on a forward line of Daniher, Hooker, Stewart and Stringer? All 190+ and before people say Stewart plays like a half forward, it is still very tall. I was comfortable with our 3 smalls 3 talls set up early in the year. However the GF runner ups have a set up of four 190+ talls in their F50 so it might work.


Nope. We need the fwd pressure from 3 smalls

When one tall is on bench or pinch hitting in ruck we will have Stringer fwd IMO