Post-draft Best 22


Francis is agile and explosive.

He wouldn’t be matching up on your Eddie betts but he would more than comfortably match any mid size player as well as most talls for athleticism.

I think Francis will put it all together this coming year and for mine what he can offer us will be second to ownly Hurley in our backline.


Hopefully his running capacity is up to it. That is still the concern. Imagine him matching up on a guy like Adelaide’s Lynch


If he doesn’t play games this year then he’s going to come under extreme pressure from all angles. I’m backing him in to get the required level.

There are three attributes that he has that our side needs in the backline. Physical presence, elite kicking over any distance and ability in the air as well as on ground.

Only Hurley provides all three of those in one package and for me that’s not good enough. We have a few others that’s are one or two of those but may have other flaws.

We really need another elite defender. Francis is the only other guy on our list with that potential in my opinion.


B: Baguley Ambrose Saad
HB: Gleeson Hurley Goddard
C: McGrath Heppell Zaharakis
HF: Stringer Daniher Stewart
F: Fantasia Hooker Walla
R: Bellchambers Zerrett Smith
I/C: Parish Langford Begley McKenna


Given that selecting 7 backs is usual ( for rotations, ours and theirs, & injury cover I see Bags, Gleeson, McKenna and Saad as definites.
Hurley & Ambrose are also constants, especially Paddy’s aerobic capacity for mobile key forwards.
So Hartley I’d play against Hawkins, against GWS if they go with a Lobbe replacement forward, maybe Adelaide, and possibly Melbourne (who may go three large talls this year).
Happy to replace him with Francis against more mobile two or three man forward lines - St Kilda, Carlton, Brissie, Weagles, etc,
And against the Swine - all their talls bar Tippett are mobile, and Tippetts the obvious Hartley match up.
Against midget sides like Richmond 3 talls is too many, though this is where Francis has genuine swingman potential to go forward.
Goddard used to be able to do this, but no more.
Much as I’ve rated BJ’s contribution over the years I think he’s the gap filler this year - use him sparingly to plug different spots on match day, and will need to be rested like Kelly was if we’re to get the most out of him.


Quoting my own post here but geez we have some depth.

Leuenberger, Brown, Laverde, Francis, Colyer, Green, Mutch and Hartley would be best 22 at a lot of clubs.


Perhaps, but not too many that would be finals bound. We are very very thin for mid depth.


Yeah midfield is still an issue, but we should be improving there

We’ll be adding Smith and McGrath into the rotation (and maybe Stringer) for the loss of Watson. We should get a bit more from Parish (3rd year now), Langford and Laverde. I’m also expecting that Heppell will be back to his best next year.

Colyer and Myers will likely get squeezed out which isn’t a bad thing.

I expect we will be 10-15% better through there next year.


I’m not worried about the first choice midfield and if we don’t get any injuries there we’ll be in for an exciting year


What? Only two of them have ever been best 22 anywhere.


I’m not sure about this, I think it wouldn’t be a bad thing if our midfield depth was tested. The more we find out about the younger tier the better IMO.


I reckon 3. Looney, Colyer and Green.

But I think its crazy to suggest any of these guys would be best 22 at a lot of other clubs. Most of them would be lucky to be best 22 anywhere


One thing that you’ve picked up your post, that most seem to ignore, regarding Francis is physical presence - I want him in the team because of his ‘attack on the ball’ - He is ferocious around the ball and a cut above nearly everyone on the list.



Hartley was best 22 for us last year and we played finals.

Francis would be playing every week at a club that was looking to fast track development of its youngsters.

Laverde was chased hard by St Kilda last year with a big money contract.

I’ll give you Mutch and maybe Brown but the rest of them would be playing in most of the bottom 6-8 clubs.


Hartley was best 22 through other’s misfortune that being long-term injuries to Brown and Ambrose.


I think we’ll roll with 3 talls back, but Francis to take Ambrose or Hartleys spot. Add the inclusion of Saad, we should be better on the rebound and more adaptable. We’ll see.


I have Smith through the midfield.
.(that’s a midget midfield but anyways)

B. Baguely,Hurley,Saad
HB McKenna,Ambrose,Gleeson
C. McGrath,Smith,Zaharakis
HF Stringer,Daniher,Stewart
F Fantasia,Hooker, Walla
R Bellchambers,Zmerrett,Heppell
I/C Langford,Parish,Goddard,Begley

Hartley comes in on the big forwards.
Assumes Stringer back to his best.(might take longer than realised)
We have a good depth of talent
I think only 3/4s of the side picks itself.

And what I really like is I am feeling good about is we can win games being able to cover big outs.


I like that team


I am not so sure bringing in and dropping players based on matchups week to week will work.

Is there any team that does this / has done this on a regular basis? Does it work for them ?


l also like the look of this team, and look forward to Francis forcing his way into the best 22 at some stage.