Post-draft Best 22


Really only talking about one KPD - agree that backline stability is very important.
A limited number of teams do this - you have to have a number of quality talls which rules many sides out - they don’t have a choice.
In answer to your question, the Eagles and Adelaide have a tendency to do it - choosing an extra tall for certain games.
The Swans did it with Allir when they had Teddy & Grundy, before Allir’s fall from grace.
Geelong and Melbourne also shuffle their key backs, but by sending Taylor & MacDonald (either) forward and dropping a forward to accommodate the structural change.
In an ideal world maybe you wouldn’t do this Hartley would improve his tank and rebound or Francis would bulk up to allow him to outbody big forwards but things are still developing.


I wonder if this side could be possible R1

FB Saad Ambrose Gleeson
HB McKenna Hurley Francis
C McGrath Hepp Zaka
HF Stringer Daniher Stewart
FF Fantasia Hooker Begley

Foll Belly Zerrett Walla

IC Langford Parish Goddard Smith

Emerg Lav, Mutch, Looney, Green


It’s a good side bar the fact that any side that doesn’t have Baguley in it is way off.


WSB, thanks. I can see it happening for finals and “big” games especially. Finally after watching footy for a long time, this year I got to appreciate that the real training during the season is the actual match itself. Then 3-4 days of recovery, then work on issues, and practice refinements. So to reach peak form, individually and as a team, its better to keep the team stable and just replace injured players, rest sore players or drop any out of form players each week.


Teams change their lineups all the time with respect to opposition / conditions / short breaks etc

Usually in regards to talls, creating more run etc

We are hardly going to go in with same defensive group versus Crows who have - Tex, Jenkins, McGovern & Lynch, as versus Tigers running JRiewoldt and a rotating Dusty/Caddy and then smalls.


I think it’s time to bring plenty of new boys in like 93

Saad Ambrose. Hurley

McKenna Hooker Gleeson

Parish Hepp Zak’s

Stringer JD Fanta

Walla Stewart Smith

Francis, Begley, mcg Goddard


?? The only new guys you’ve brought in are the trades. But it’s a strange comment because I think apart from them there will be very few new guys getting a go anyway.

Of course, picking 22 instead of 19 gives you more room for new guys :grinning:


Yes I left the on ball division out,


Belly Zerret Mcg


Redman is an interesting one. Needs a big off season. The club must have some faith to have extended him to 2019


Best player in our final against Sydney IMO - he’s a lock best 22 if fit




Our best 22 (by the numbers) this year included I think 5 guys who should have been fringe - Myers Colyer Hartley Watson & Green. Additionally Kelly has retired.
We’ve brought in 3 who look like slotting in.

That leaves 3 pretty gettable spots - Watson/Myers/Hartley.

Quite feasible that Goddard or Baguley start going downhill too.

Would love nothing more than Langford, Begley and Francis stamping their names on spots.


Not the best effort at a best 22. Langford wasn’t given the holy grail of jumper numbers to play VFL.
But who doesn’t love a pump up article in the off season.


And Marty Gleeson seems to have been unceremoniously dumped, not even in emergencies after an 18 game 2017. He was one of the big improvers for mine in 2017


Let’s be honest. The media scribes generally have NFI

Cal Twomeys team personnel wise would be close to on money, just positionally was all over shop.


Ok, clearly subjective, but no Gleek, Goddard and Hooker named back, Ambrose as EMG and Colyer starting says to me that he didn’t watch much of Essendon in 2017.


best 22 thread was bumped, hadn’t seen an ivan post, can see he’s typing so waiting with bated breath.


In: Gleeson, Langford, Begley
Out: Myers, colyer, green

I think colyer is squeezed out by moving McGrath into the midfield. I think Begley offers a bit more versatility than green. Langford>Myers

At the moment I’m struggling to see how we carry 3 genuine tall forwards and 3 genuine tall backs with capable mid sized forwards also in the side. Resolving that question is probably the hardest thing the coaches have to do this preseason.

In my mind the options are pay hooker back with one less tall forward or accept Gleeson as the third tall kpd. I guess the alternative is to go with one less small forward instead or cut the utility (bj) loose. That presumes Smith plays as a bona fide mid though. He may play as a 3rd small mid at the expense of Begley/green I guess

Essentially I think you can boil it down to 3 different structures.

3kpd 2kpf
Conor Ambrose hurley
Saad hooker Gleeson

McGrath hepp zaka
Tbell parish Zerret

Stringer Stewart tippa
Begley/green jd Fanta

Bj Langford Smith bags


3 kpf 3kpd

Conor Ambrose hurley
Saad hartley Gleeson

McGrath hepp zaka
Tbell parish Zerret

Stringer JD tippa
Stewart hooker Fanta

Bj Langford Smith bags

3kpf 2kpd

Conor Ambrose gleeson
Saad hurley bj

McGrath hepp zaka
Tbell parish Zerret

Stringer JD tippa
Stewart hooker Fanta

Begley/green Langford Smith bags


Twomey didn’t have Gleeson either.

I think Gleeson is a little overrated on here.