Post-draft Best 22


Yep. Which is to say, nobody can quite play Stewart’s role, but his role could be covered with a rejig. He’s good, but I don’t think he’s great.

(I’d have a much easier time with him if he didn’t remind me of Ashley Hansen so bloody much…)


Third tall in a forwardline starved of opportunities and only 23.

I think he’s got a big future.

I would play him so he keeps improving but it’s dependent on how tall they want to go.


Woosha’s secret weapon


The term Weagles fans used was “illegitimate son”


[quote=“Killer_Mike, post:1848, topic:3769, full:true”]
Third tall in a forwardline starved of opportunities and only 23.

I think he’s got a big future.[/quote]
All true.

I reckon he might well end up 7th in line for 6 spots.


As soon as people put Stringer into starting midfield rotations (as he has been training all preseason) then the ideas of putting Hooker back or Stewart missing out as we are too tall up forward are null and void.

It’s not going to be hard to work rotations such that during times Stringer is playing forward one of 3 talls won’t be.

Either via them being on bench, JD/Stewart pinch hitting in ruck or Hooker dropping back at the ends of quarters to help defence.

In saying that if Stringer is playing midfield it’s mostly going to be as a burst impact player and he’ll be needing plenty of bench time himself.


Nice first post Maxx.

Think you’ve pretty much nailed the 22 in terms of personnel. The only positioning of players I would reshuffle would be Baguley on the field, with probably Gleeson to the bench. Baguley is far and away our best small defender and a ‘heart and soul’ kind of player that make others stand taller with his hard style. Can’t believe some people don’t actually have him in the team at all…if we play Adelaide with Eddie Betts he’s going to do at least a 35% better job than any player on the list (McGrath aside). And that ability in itself is worth its weight in gold.

The issue most on BB are toying with is whether Stewart is in the team. He’s a fantastic talent and became a valuable player last year as an athletic lead up 3rd tall. He’s a huge part of our future but with the addition of Stringer and the possible emergence of Langford & Laverde, we have 3 x 50/50 forward/mids that can play a similar role up forward but provide more in the midfield. It’s hard to know until we start playing games but right now I’m sort of leaning towards having Laverde in the team ahead of Stewart based on reports that he’s in ripping nick.

Anyway here’s your team with a few minor switcharoos:

Baguley Hartley Ambrose
Saad Hurley McKenna
Goddard Heppell Zaharakis
Stringer Daniher Smith
Walla Hooker Fantasia
TomBell Zerrett Parish
Laverde McGrath Gleeson Langford

Emg - Stewart Begley Myers Colyer Green Francis


With you Billy. Laverde has the body and mongrel to play bb midfielder and needs to be given the opportunity to become one, for the good of the team structure. Shame, as he plays tall and could have been a a really good third tall but with Stewart in team, that’s where hes gotta go coz, geez, they are small in the middle. Stringer sure, but one good preseason won’t be enough for him to replace Jobe full time. Hope Hep has been in the gym. 24/7 over the summer


bags ambrose hurley

gleeson hooker saad

mckenna hepp mcg

fanta jd stringer

walla stewart smith

tbell parish zerrett

zaka goddard that is my best 20

at least 8 other for last 2 spots


Can’t argue with that.


Having thought about it I think your right with Baguely, definitely required. I really favour playing 7 defenders plus Goddard.
As for Stewart maybe your right he could be the weak link especially if someone’s banging down the door. I think he’s going to have a big future with us and after last years efforts I’d start with him, there should be a spot that’s his to lose. I think he got more confidence as the season went on and wouldn’t want to derail that.
I can see a fair few players running through the team early anyway due to the draw we have Anzac Day mid week which will need to be carefully player managed.


Hurley hartley saad

gleeson hooker Mcniece

connor heppell mcgrath

fantasia joe stringer

walla stewart langford

tbell parish zerrett

laverde Begley Zaharakis Ambrose


Seeing Hooker back and Stewart full forward makes my eyes hurt.


Hooker goes back and we might get a couple of more years out of Hurley.
Hurls had a great year but damn he had a heavy workload and was well burnt out by the end.


Hooker can stay forward if they intend to use JD as a second ruck which I don’t like because of the Daniher knee history, Stewart is big enough to run on the ball, Richmond used Grigg.


Stewart was used on the ball in JLT and really struggled. Not sure he is the answer.

Daniher as a second ruck works well, but I think Woosha wants to use him as a permanent forward. It’ll be interesting.


FB: M.Gleeson, M.Hartley, P.Ambrose
HB: C.McKenna, M.Hurley, A.Saad
C: D.Zaharakis, B.Goddard, D.Smith
HF: J.Stringer, J.Daniher, J.Stewart
FF: O.Fantasia, C.Hooker, A.McDonald-Tipungwuti
FOL: T.Bellchambers, D.Heppell, Z.Merrett
Bench: T.Colyer, D.Parish, A.McGrath, K.Langford

EMG: J.Laverde, M.Baguley, J.Green, J.Begley

Really struggled to fit all our best players in to be honest, we have a really balanced and even list at the moment IMO.

I know people are concerned about our midfield and I am to a degree as well but if you look at how many players we have that can roll through there other than our full timers, it is really promising.

Heppell, Merrett, Zaharakis, Goddard, Smith, Parish, McGrath, Langford, Colyer as your core group is a hell of a lot more mobile than last year without Jobe, Myers, Howlett, Hocking etc that would role through the middle for us at times and to me that was what hurt us the most last year, that our midfield looked like treacle for all of last season.

Then you add in Stringer, Fantasia, AM-T, McKenna/Saad who will all play minutes through the middle and that gives you a rotation of around 13-14 options you can put through the middle of the ground for us depending on matchups and what the game requires. That is up there with any other top team IMO.

I think around that midfield, the rest of the team kind of picks itself, our forward line and defence is set, it is just the midfield that will require some tweaking to figure out our best unit but I think what I have picked is pretty damn close to what it will be.

I would have liked to have squeezed Lav in there but I could only see him fighting for a place with Stringer/Langford and Stringer is a walk up start and I think Langford is going to have a lot of faith put into him considering he is training with the midfield group, the number he was given and the void left by Watson for the big bodied mid spot.




If that’s our round 1 team who has first crack at Betts?

If we stick with MCG in the guts I’d have Colyer as the emerg. and Bags in for Betts.


I don’t think Colyer will get a nod for the first few rounds considering he is still in or recently come out of a moonboot.

Also, he will probably struggle to make the seniors if he doesn’t stop fumbling and shanking kicks.