Praccy match v Cats -- some Cat time, some Cat place

Reports are Laverde playing forward at training - wouldn’t mind seeing it here - at the least he’ll give more of a contest than Jones or Weid…!! No Caddy, Draper, Hobbs still, Kelly I believe has some sort of injury also…There’s 1.2 million reasons McKay should keep Hawkins to 3 or less, and McGrath better bounce back after a poor showing in our last outing…well not just McGrath - everyone…!! Hopefully side is something like;-

Ridley McKay McGrath
Redman Reid Martin
Durham Parish Duursma
Perkins Laverde Shiel
Langford 2MP Gresham

Goldy Setterfield Merrett

Caldwell Hobbs Hind Bryan
Stringer Tsatas Menzie Heppell


I was kind of hoping they would pension off Danger into the Cats forward line, but I guess we will see him in the midfield terrorising our small mid brigade.
Most pundits have the Cats finishing about mid table, somewhere near us, but jeez at their special shaped home ground packed with their fans they can kick goals with their eyes shut.

Do we have a system? Can we apply pressure? Can we stop leaking like a sieve from one end to the other? Will we stop bombing it long over and over again? I sure hope so, or fans are going to be even more angry than last Friday.


Remeber he started there and had major yips in front of goal

We going to get another lesson in contested footy. One day, some time in the future, the lesson will stick.

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First live game for 2024.
Looking forward to being at the footy again. Even if it’s a praccy game.


Is it too much to ask of the forwards to make space instead of the usual kick it on their heads circus?

dons by 42

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We finally beat Richmond last season, at some point we will beat the Cats, but I suspect we will have to wait until half the current Geelong side have hung up their boots.
Lets say, by about 2028. By then, Hawkins will be out to pasture and Danger will be able to go fishing 24/365

We’ll probably do them, it’ll be the season proper where they smash us by 70 plus points

Why?? What happened to the idea of playing them in their best positions? Laverde started as a forward and wasn’t much chop. He is clearly better in defence. I know it’s only a practice game, but I think I’d actually prefer him not to play at all.

(Unless it is a choice between Lav and Weed in the forward line, in which case, go with Lav.)


I’d give Jones one more crack it it with Lav waiting on the extended bench if it’s not working at half time.

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Dons by 74.


At least they are identifying a problem area and trying with Laverde, but he isn’t the answer.

When was the last time we beat the Cats at Kardinia? Not that we play there that often but I don’t recall. If we show effort, slow their ball movement from time to time and keep the damage to 4 goals by the final siren, Ill be happy.

Ill settle for a quarter of coherent afl level football as a fan.

Just a sign that round 1 could be a good contest.

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Dons by 106

Would you accept a 78 point win vs Geelong at their Deakin Uni by our women?

27 March 2022


Yea I’ll take that. Too kind.


How many times do we have to tell you old man?


Even if it’s an * checks notes * AAMI Community Series game?