Practice match v Dees Casey Fields Friday 21 Feb 2020 @ 2pm

This has been mentioned elsewhere but reports that we have a practice match scheduled against Melbourne on Friday 21/2 at Casey Fields Crimebourne at a time TBC.

It’s for players ‘not required in the Marsh Series’.

Be there!


What is the marsh series, have they rebadged preseason again?

JLT changed their name.
Same sponsor, different name.


Fair enough. Thanks

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Good to see. Good call by the club to set it up

If it doesn’t include those that are playing JLT,. . could we even field a team at this point?

All the more reason for players in the charity match to put their best foot forward.


So we are playing 3 scratch matches before round 1 and the Pies are playing 4, does this club even care about winning flags?


I don’t know who or what JLT or Marsh are or do, so their sponsorship of the AFL is working well.


insurance mob so the less you know about them the better



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Smoking marijuana is unhealthy…God speed

Will start at 2pm

Just thinking ahead to selection, and which players would be in the category “not required in the Marsh series”.

Subject to any further injuries or niggles occurring in the next couple of weeks, I reckon you can rule out Draper, Daniher, Stewart, Gown, Johnson and probably Hooker and Hibberd from playing the first week (Fri 21 Feb vfl at Casey, Fri 28 feb AFL v WC).
So 38 others to pick from.
Heppell will be underdone, but maybe goes to WA to play part of a game.
Who is going to play 21Feb at Casey, and who goes West (could do both, but wording above re those “not required” implies not the idea)?
I have the following 11 as probably starters in the vfl game -

That leaves 27 with genuine claims to playing in WA. However only 24 can play.
Who of the following 27 don’t get a game?
In rough positions -
B Saad Ambrose Francis
HB McKenna Hurley Gleeson
C Zaka Shiel McGrath
HF Tippa McKernan Pariish
F Fanta Stringer Snelling
R TBC Smith Merrett
Inter (6) from Heppell, Langford, Lav, Redman, BZT, Phillips, Guelfi, Cutler, Townsend

The 3 that miss out would presumably play the vfl game, or get a go against Geelong on 9Mar, but some players are going to be disappointed.

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Need some honest answers

i have been reading previews online about us and it seems people think we are going to have a year lke the demons last year due to pre season injuries

how accurate is this? are we screwed already because a lot of players missed the preasosn jesus christ.

Inb4 freo by 10 points in round 1.

I would rest Heppell , Hurley and TBC

Senior players with several preseasons under their belt don’t need as long as the younger players. In hindsight it would be preferred they weren’t injured of course but a 8 week period of full training is enough and by round 3 presuming they play round 1 with give them enough match fitness and time considering most are already in the main group from last week.
It’s not ideal but considering we have only just hit February and most the key players are back in main group now it’s going to be fine.

What’s important are the 1-4 year players mostly have all had full pre-seasons which is very pleasing and they are key in stepping up for our chances to rise in the ladder


Why waste you time reading on line previews outside of Blitz?
They’re always rubbish.

At least here you can get the informed previews of the “Lid Off” or “We’re The Worst” threads, depending on your predilection.
Though given your username I think I know which thread you’ll be best suited too.

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I thought this game was only for players not required for Perth on the 27th? That being the case, there’ll be a handful of AFL listed players & a bunch of VFL players would be my guess.

arnt we having 4 with the extra match against melbourne? or did that one make it 3?