Practice match v Dees Casey Fields Friday 21 Feb 2020 @ 2pm

The 897 bus drops you off over the road. Runs every 20 minutes

That’s the way I like it.
Are you telling me to give it up?
Please, don’t go?

I’m a gloomer, I want the sunshine banned.

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Great for me. I work 5 minutes away.
Looks like I will be watching the Dons and getting paid for it.



So, what’s the car parking situation like?

Thats doable.

Might make an appearance.

Edit: Yeah stuff it im going add me to the call team @theDJR

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You mean revert to regular programming?

Plenty of.
It’s quite a large complex with a number of different playing fields, playgrounds, parks etc.

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This actually will say a bit about both teams, have Melbournes documentary worthy pre season yielded results? Are we again 100 years behind the 8 ball in our season prep?


Not if they hold back top 30 players for the West Coast trip.


woosha said he was going to select a strong team for the West coast game

Bacchus Fox likes this. :smirk:

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We got a team list of the vfl side? Haven’t seen the announcements this year.

Dees injury situation is probably worse than ours and I think they play JLT in the weekend. It’s basically going to be a seconds practise match. Difficult to read to much into it

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Then again, some people will read the entire next season into day one of pre-season, and some people won’t read anything into losing the first three games of the season proper. So I’m sure the conversation will be prolific and civil.


No we don’t. But I’m sure @Paul_Cousins will tell us of any likely debuts this Friday :crossed_fingers:

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you say that like it’s a bad thing…

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@theDJR whats the quality of HOT CHIPS at Casey?

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Dunno. Even if I got any, they’d just blow away.


I don’t care if we lose this praccy match but if we dish up 40% intensity like we did at the same time last year why bother.

Thats what stood out like dogs ball. Zero intensity.

Play footy, to win and play at 80% or more intensity or don’t bother.

Thats what the “gloomers” saw while the “clappers” saw a practice match.

Problem is it carried into round 10

and don’t give me the injury excuse - thats part of football its no excuse to back off in pre season


360 degrees?

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