Practice match vs Fark Carlton - Thursday 25 Feb 2021 @ 11am - no entry, live stream


Carlton members will also get access.

One of you bastards better do live commentary for me.


I get that the club might think that streaming the match for members might get a few more to sign up.

But after all the rubbish that the supporters have put up with from this club, the least they could do is stream a damn praccy match free for all supporters

For a club that seems so focused on “optics”, this whole thing has been poor.


as I will be at work, I would like to announce an auction for one ticket for the highly sort after access


Is it free?

I just commented the same thing on the Lunchtime podcast facebook page. Asking a serious question and I have 1 :+1: and a :joy:
I mean last time I checked it was a legitimate question.


■■■■ time for a game. I hope they also provide access to a full replay as well.

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arrggghhh fark em!!! Pay up ■■■■■■■.


Can’t wait for some spud like fkg Dylan vijojo rainbow or whatever the ■■■■ his name is to absolutely spank one of our key midfielders to wipe any shred of optimism out of this upcoming season.


If you’re a member.

I don’t personally care of they only provide to members. It is just stupid, People have had 12 months of isolation etc and not being able to go to games, It can only make people p off. Seriously how many extra members will they get? if people are going to become members then they will anyway. Also there are many doing it tough and may not be able to buy a membership To me it just shows they are out of touch


I’m glad it’s for members only. Members are the lifeblood of the club.

EDIT: if you genuinely can’t afford a membership and want to watch then PM me.


Nice that there are some perks to being a member. Beats the Bombershop voucher.


I never said memberships weren’t important, The are vital to the club. What I said is that i don’t believe that by making it membership only it will add additional members to the club. Perhaps some might sign up earlier. I just believe that given how tough it has been for the last 12 months that making it available to everyone would be a nice gesture and would not cost the club anything in real terms. If act it could encourage people to sign up if with all our youth on display


did the clubactually advertise this as a membership grab or are people jumping to conclusion after what @CJohns said?

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$85 for access to this and tickets to 4 games.

Just saying. If you want to go to 4 games this year, it’s good value.

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Both teams. Same process

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Being a Carlton home game, it will most likely be using Carlton equipment. Very likely this pay wall was initiated by Carlton.

Essendon can’t put it out for free if Carlton are restricting it. Probably contributing a small amount of $$$ to Carlton for the stream on the condition that we can only give it to members.


Surely if Waterman plays another good game he would be picked up?