Practice matches vs Bulldogs @ The Hangar - 23 Feb 2022 - AFL @ 3pm + VFL @ 5:45pm

Looking forward to seeing:

  • Parish, Merrett and Caldwell (+ McGrath and Hobbs) take on the Bulldogs’ mids;
  • Kelly (if fit) shadowing Weightman and burying him into the turf at every opportunity;
  • Tex, Fejo and Martin continuing their 3-way battle against quality opposition;
  • whether our team defence and F50 entries have improved since 21; and
  • whether forward handball is still a big part of our ball movement (it’s seemed a little less prominent lately, but maybe we’re just concentrating on other things).

Biggest concern (other than injury) is who is going to kick our goals without Stringer, Walla, Jones, Langford etc. 2MP and Francis (and Waterman?) will need to step up.

Some competitor intel.


Parking tips?

Either at the Hangar or on one of the many near side streets (not timed or anything), wont have any issues

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Chungus watch

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I more meant parallel parking tips :laughing:


Hope you get a 3 point turn on your test.

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Dons by 74.


I got a near perfect score in my driving test, except for I was too slow in the side streets…

They’ll probably have a security guard at the gate, I doubt they’ll let anyone park at the hangar unfortunately.

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Likely outs: Stringer, Jones, Shiel, Stewart, Langford, Kelly, Bryan, Voss? (+ Reid, Tippa, Hurley)

B : Cutler Laverde Redman
CB : Hind Ridley Heppell
Cen : Durham Caldwell Cox
Fol : Draper Merrett Parish
HF : McGrath Wright Snelling
FF : Smith Baldwin Francis

Int : Perkins, Waterman, Hobbs, Martin, Tex, Guelfi, Ham, BZT (not sure how many we are allowed on bench for practice game).

According to Truck today Jones, Shiel & Langford are all likely for at least some game time.

And we’re allowed as many as we can agree to with the Dogs as far as a bench goes.


3pm Wednesday the 23rd?

I’d be building the preseason defence round LAV, Zerk & Ridley given Stewart’s OP history. Zerk may be needed Rd 1.
Given Reid is a long way off we aren’t stacked with ready to go key tall backs although there are plenty of potentials for later on - Francis, Cox, Reid, Zerk, Brand.

Also need to build some chemistry between Francis, 2MP, Snelling, Smith & maybe Perkins as they seem to be most likely forwards at the moment.

Philips & Nick can ruck a half each to see who the backup is and we can save Sam for the serious stuff.

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I would be staggered if Shiel plays. No need for him to play at all if any risk. Probably Langford as well. Jones however needs the run.

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Going to be a really interesting hit out. Not concerned with winning although a 10 goal battering wouldn’t be nice. All I want to see/hear is some good cohesion up forward and we match or better them in midfield.

And Harry kicks 8 !

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I can’t see how we lose.


Lets go bombers lets go
Clap clap

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Someone needs to bury that little flog Weightman. Play Voss on him.


It truly is a case where scores will be almost irrelevant… both teams will have something they are working on. I hope we don’t ‘crack in’ and injure ourselves… and I would hope the same for Dogs players… absolutely zero need to lose a star to an injury in a glorified joint training session.

Will be keen to see how our midfield goes head to head in the first quarter from a clearance perspective. Dogs were one of the best in the business around the stoppage last year… so good chance to see how we measure up again this season.

ha, we took that same mentality into the richmond pre season game in 2018. richmond cracked in harder after just winning a premiership and nothing to prove.
then went on to finish top of the ladder and make a prelim, then win the next 2 premierships.

but yeah teaching players to “not crack in” just cos x y or z reason has really worked out well for us lately, pretty much since 02.

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