Pre-season game v Geelong Saturday 6th march 2021 7.10PM @ GMHBA

I couldnt find a thread on this so made one myself, sorry if there already is one.

How do you think we will go? Hopefully not a slaughterfest like the last time we played geelong.

Enjoyed watching the kids play against FCFC, Go dons!


I expect they will step up the workmate and pressure a little in preparation for the season.

Would be nice to get another hitout under the belt of the youngsters.


Cats by 6 goals

Hawkins and Cameron to kick 3 each

Going be lovely watching the cats move the ball from half back to full forward with ease and hitting Hawkins on the tit every time

i think essendon have untill the 8th to sign someone to the last spot too so they might give waterman one more go.

Im keen to see more of jones, perkins and cox.


Blicavs V Cox please

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tall and athletic v tall and athletic XD

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I will be keen to see the midfield step up their workrate as well. I thought it was poor against Carlton but thats understandable considering it was a practice match.

If we are to be competitive this years its integral that the midfield gels and works relentlessly.

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Cameron will be an interesting test for Stewart. We’ll learn a fair bit about him as a defender. Toys expect hooker (if he plays) to Hawkins.

Remember last year when zerk looked like a million bucks opposed to Hawkins in the preseason.

:rofl: :rofl: i’m guessing your phone doesn’t like the word workrate :rofl:


Definitely. I did like what i saw of caldwell tho. He got tackled a couple times pretty hard and still managed to get the handball away.

We did get beaten majority of the centre clearances tho which i thought was strange because i swear draper won majority of the taps. Maybe our centres just aint used to having it delievered on a platter for them haha


I think what we all really need to see is when we kick a point.

Geelong find it more difficult to get it out past the centre wing than what we saw last week.

We KNOW we can be a slick offensive side.

But we need to see this ‘blue collar’ attribute evident in our play. To me,that means strong at the ball,disciplined,and hard running both ways.

For mine,even though they might not go in as hard atm.

It doesn’t stop hard running- I want to see that from everyone.


I’m thinking of trying to go to this. Maybe spend the long weekend in Geelong. Never been to their stadium.

That said, I do expect us to be slaughtered.


just show me a good defensive effort and more time into cox, caldwell, draper, Bryan perkins and Jones. that’s all that matters. they will comprehensivley beat us, but its about how we play


Can’t see the Cats holding back here. Reckon we’ll get spifflicated.


Geelong by 100+


Reckon we’ll get plenty of defensive opportunities.
I’m trying not to be too negative as I fear they’ll maul us… which makes it hard to implement your own game if you can’t get your hands on the ball.
Really hoping McGrath makes a difference & that we’re able to build on our first outing.

McGrath playing will improve our midfield instantly


Rest Lav


Yep, people forget how important McGrath became last season.
We were going downhill while he was still there, but we dropped off a cliff once he was gone.

He’s our best 2 way runner easily


He and Merrett best players we have

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